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The Garden of Mirrors - Illithids and 1d20 Living Tools

The Garden of Mirrors

Illithids. Who are they, and what do they want?
In the common tongue, they are often referred to as Mindflayers. For the sake of accuracy, it should be noted that this title refers to a certain order of illithid - those who harvest memories and psychic power from the brain matter of sapient beings.

The illithid seek to consolidate power in their underground realm, subjugating lesser races and cultivating slaves. Roughly half of their slaves serve willingly - out of fear. The other half serve as mindless husks, drained of all intelligence and reduced to obedient cattle. This is their largest export; slaves of every race imaginable, captured or bred in captivity only to be sold in secretive markets aboveground.

Most often it is these slavers that the outside world is exposed to. However, the Mindflayers serve under another more clandestine order: the Illithid Soulshapers.

The Mindflayers go out into the world to harvest. They drain life, emotion, and memories for th…

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