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The Scorched Coast

The Scorched CoastThe Scorched CoastLife in the Scorched Coast has risen from the ashes of the Great Burn. Its form is odd and twisted: scrappy human survivors and those who became something more or less, archaoetech wizards, relic-intelligences, and slumbering powers unimaginable. Now they scour the desert dust for treasures of a bygone era. Map of the Scorched CoastHex Descriptions ⇖ ⇙ ⇗ A gazebo, painted white and red. ⇖ ⇙ A hidden hole in the ground will reveal a hidden underground alcove. Within the hole will be several trees that do not need sunlight and give peach fruit. ⇖ ⇙ The fossilized remains of a unicorn are fused with the rocks here.�����������������…

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