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The Autumn Fey - Rangers & Paladins & 1d20 Fey Artifacts

A dry wind full of warmth swept down the street, unable to find even a single stray leaf or debris to carry off. It left the pristine city as it arrived, empty-handed. A doorway sat open, and it allowed the sounds of merry feasting to spill out into the open avenue from the busy mead-hall. A few figures made their way deeper into the city, bundled tightly with cloaks and coats should the weather turn frigid. Not far from the joyous laughter and the howling winds was another noise, this one strangled and pleading.

One redcap stood guard at the entrance to the alleyway, propped up lazily against his longspear. His companion squatted over a ragged-looking elf who was curled up against the alley wall. The slim figure's jaw was shattered and the bones in both arms sat at awkward angles that wouldn't be possible without the aid of the redcap's stout truncheon. He waved the blunt weapon idly in the air before he glanced over and hissed loudly to his lounging accomplice.

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