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Chelicerata - 1d20 Jobs & Treasure

Spiders are the inheritors of a primal fear. They existed before we humans. They shall exist after us. They snare the unwary and hunt in the shadows. What's more, they are far more intelligent than we often give them credit for.

The common garden spider is but a descendant of a greater race. Before the western jungles were caught up in the blood wars, there was another power that ruled over that great swathe of fetid land. Their influence spread, and they dealt with every nation, every ruler, and every would-be-ruler; they traded in raw information. The spiders of the Sunless Fen were known as much for their subtlety as their murderous ways. I never traveled far into those wretched lands, as by the time I could write those monsters had already been unseated and the reign of the Eel had begun. It was not until I came to the city of Fallowdeep - the royal seat of Ilman Sound - that I met with one of the Spiders.

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