1d100 - Cults, 50 Weird and 50 Sinister

I probably should have posted this earlier, given the subject matter and the blog's name. Oh well.

  1. Environment-minded nobles obsessed with lakeside rituals to empower the lake spirits
  2. Arsonists who venerate the lesser god of city planning
  3. A cult of astronomers who worship shooting stars and asteroids
  4. A society of elderly women who maintain cat shrines throughout the city
  5. Doctors that worship the blood they drain from patients
  6. Geologists who establish holy rock cairns everywhere they can
  7. A group of people dedicated to clandestine erotic rituals during specific moon phases
  8. Seventeen families that believe they can control fate with fish-centric rituals
  9. A group of noble families that have established strange rituals to commune with their ancestors
  10. An organization of rich merchants who offer gemstones to a mysterious magpie god
  11. Every denizen in a small fishing village venerates a race of bizarre fish-people who live off-coast
  12. Fruit shamans that dwell deep in the fetid jungle
  13. A cult that aggressively recruits. Their goal is to enforce a specific uniform: cleanly shorn heads and stylized black robes
  14. An order of women that worship a goddess that manifests as green lotus-flowers in this plane of existence
  15. A warrior-cult that believes in honorable combat and excessively flashy, colorful armor
  16. Bakers and butchers that worship the ancient cow-goddess of fertility and fine meat
  17. A cult that emphasizes clean air and proper burial rites
  18. Noble families that enforce bizarre courting rituals and elaborate, clandestine meetings
  19. Candymakers that get honey for their goods from a wise, kind, immortal wasp-demonness
  20. A cult of immortals that travel the world in search of fine alcohol and finer cheeses
  21. Masters of the ancient art of fishing that pass down their knowledge through nighttime rituals on a lake
  22. A single man is all that's left in a cult that worships a very misunderstood dragon-god from outer space
  23. A cult composed entirely of sociopaths with a love for riddles and puzzles
  24. Hallowed be thy name, demigod of doors and portcullises. The cult that worships him is secretive and cunning
  25. A cult of master locksmiths, rivals to the dastardly thief's guild. Very complicated rituals, and a well-secured meeting place
  26. Eight men and women who spend their spare time in the woods, carving ornate, magical sigils in trees
  27. A cult that worships the goddess of the hearth. They like to meet in crowded taverns and inns
  28. Empowered by the demigod they worship, a cult of barmen offer inspired advice and listen to the woes of their patrons
  29. A cult of poets and songwriters that compose odes to their ethereal but very much real muse
  30. Vagabonds, beggars and lepers have formed a cult that is basically a pyramid scheme with a demigod at the top
  31. A cult of playwrights and actors that prick their thumbs and offer blood to the god beneath the stage
  32. Wizards have formed a cult that is basically a book club
  33. Blacksmiths that venerate the goddess of love and beauty despite her wishes
  34. A group of young artists that offer libations to the nymphs and dryads that live on the outskirts of civilization
  35. A cult of talkative old women that can communicate across any distance while they knit and spin wool
  36. It turns out that everyone who completes a strange dungeon is automatically initiated into a cult of dungeoneers
  37. A cult of lumberjacks who worship the wicked goddess of the fields. She hates the god of the forest after a failed tryst
  38. Neutral lizard cultists that hate being mistaken for the evil serpent cult one town over
  39. Cult of athletes that establish strange shrines on rooftops that require urban parkour to reach
  40. Druidic cult that worships swamp tar and the thing that lives in tar pools
  41. Peasant commune that focuses entirely on mushrooms and toadstools, worship strange mycellium god
  42. Many citizens in a remote city worship harmless entities that can only be seen reflected in mirrors
  43. Tiny humans that live in tree worship regular-sized humans in nearby village
  44. Widows in a realm ravaged by war offer prayers to mysterious cloaked figure that promises relief
  45. Village create giant wicker effigy, worships it until clandestine figures descend from heavens and inhabit construct
  46. Large city cares for ancient well located in exact center of town; benevolent creature in the well solves disputes
  47. Cult focused on improving living conditions is co-opted by anti-war sect
  48. Ancient sun cult works to guide kingdom to more prosperous future through clandestine methods
  49. Rulers from around the world are all members of strange cult dedicated to gathering ancient relics
  50. Inmates in mental asylum establish cult, venerate the creature that speaks in their thoughts
  51. Cult of assassins kill for the glory of the hunt, are empowered by vengeful goddess of love
  52. Strange bearded men wander the world, inducting people into their order and sowing seeds of insurrection
  53. Anti-establishment cultists plan domestic terrorism, are bound by oath to a quiet demon
  54. Royal family plots to sell the souls of their subjects to their master from beyond the stars
  55. Wicked dragon that lives in barrow-mound grows fat on offering from nearby village
  56. Echoing voices from oceanside cave whisper instructions to deranged cultists
  57. Vampires induct only the most beautiful youths into libertine cult, slowly kill off undesirables
  58. Long line of warrior-kings rule over cult that works to revive dormant volcano
  59. Wizards gather in shadowy rituals to discover and destroy secrets
  60. Shapeshifters infiltrate guilds and organizations, force upper management to participate in blood rituals
  61. Fifteen women are the last remaining members of cult that cultivates and sells venom of world's deadliest viper
  62. Ranchers on nearby farmstead begin to raise strange, bloodthirsty livestock - feeding them at any cost
  63. Odd denizens of town are really sentient masses of spiders disguised as humans in thick robes
  64. Wicked vizier and his followers usurp the caliph and replace him with gemstone facsimile that obeys their commands
  65. Cult of fleshcrafting sorcerers plan to steal the appearances of notable figures
  66. Barbarians worship demon of lust and aggression that fuels their rage
  67. Fishermen in large port city offer up sacrifices to foul, slime-based creature that sleeps under the bay
  68. Psychic ravens enthrall kind-hearted citizens and force them to participate in grotesque rituals
  69. Rival cults based around gender work to undermine the other's authority through assassination and smear campaigns
  70. Dryads in the nearby forest have ensorceled a township into worship, drawing life energy from their supplicants
  71. A knight in obsidian armor has gathered a group of followers that are kept drunk on power and loot
  72. A college for talented young spellcasters is secretly a coven of warlocks and their demonic overlord
  73. Ancient monastic order seeks to destroy all knowledge and return life to its natural state
  74. Guild populated by the world's most renowned marksmen requires new entrants to give up something extremely precious
  75. City's sewer system is maintained by trash-eating monstrosities and their misshapen caretakers
  76. Odd ruler starts a cult of personality and begins to deprive citizens of liberties, but nobody seems to care
  77. Sharp-dressed man comes into town one day and dispenses bottled happiness to those who swear fealty
  78. Wild beastmen carry out holy crusade against civilization, force those they conquer to join their warlike cult
  79. Cats begin to infest an entire port town, malevolent and wicked keen. Soon, the original inhabitants are forced to flee
  80. Young heroes around the realm begin to cut deals with ambitious dragons to further their careers
  81. Oddly dressed merchants sell strange instruments at competitive prices. They are strung with something unnerving
  82. Group of devoted, religious alchemists springs up, create and dispense miracle cure that is 80% human blood
  83. The large, secretive family that lives in the mansion on the hill are strange folk, and some whisper immortal
  84. There is more to the local homeless and young orphan population than meets the eye
  85. and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides; and a dark wind blows; the government is corrupt
  86. Down in that hole, a scream; the vocal cords are ruined, a dry howl is all that resounds aside from the chanting
  87. Seventeen demons have descended on the capital, and are forcing clerics and priests into their cult and swordpoint
  88. A serpent cult that plans on infecting their town with a disease that mutates flesh into scales
  89. Swimming in the lake is a serpent, speaker of lies and tempter of the holy; its sign is destruction, and its followers many
  90. A figure appears in the moments before death and offers reprieve. Those executed join it in undeath
  91. A musician charms and lures his groupies into the forest. When they return, they are deeply changed
  92. Long live the King. In fact, he plans on living forever.
  93. Those who venerate the lord of death do so in strange manners. Oftentimes it's considered macabre and disturbed
  94. Two wicked princes play the deadly game of politics. The court has been swept up, along with the entire population
  95. Where do all of the spiders come from? One small village, nestled on the edge of a remote jungle
  96. The river king demands the sacrifice of valorous souls; the village that worships him is now entirely cowards
  97. Every moth around the city has started to grow larger and more intelligent. The cult that springs up to worship them is fearful
  98. One story begins where the last one ends. Souls pass on, and a group of clerics finds this abhorrent
  99. The earth is blackened, but the farmer's harvest is plentiful. Their bargain is dark
  100. A nameless cult, composed of every human that has ever lived. Their souls are woven together, bound by a wretched fate


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