1d100 - Heavy Metal-Inspired Events

  1. Gruesome murders grow more complicated when the slain bodies begin to gasp out names.
  2. Standing tall in the center of the great city is an ancient cathedral; the restless dead are amassing beneath it.
  3. At the summit of the great mountain rests an ancient axe, possessed with a powerful warrior spirit.
  4. Fenrir awakens, devouring an entire city whilst warriors gather to strike him down.
  5. A young man finds Death's scythe and rises up to lead an army.
  6. Eternal night spreads over the land, and the sun refuses to rise until its mortal enemy is slain.
  7. Mad with power, a delusional wizard seeks to capture the most dangerous adventurers to compete in a deadly game.
  8. Armed with blood-quenched steel weapons, a group of blackguards arrive to punish the gluttonous and hedonistic population.
  9. The leather-clad barbarian horde has arrived to slay a great beast.
  10. A asylum for the mentally disturbed is ruptured by a great explosion.
  11. Ten powerful weapons crafted by an ancient smith have been separated for an era, but their current owners all happen to cross paths one afternoon.
  12. A masked wizard descends from the sky, bringing with him a rain of meteorites and living flame.
  13. The four horsemen of the apocalypse have arrived to ready the world for the end.
  14. Hanging in a gibbet is a criminal, his body branded with a strange mark.
  15. The animal-headed gods of the afterlife have entered the realm of the living to punish a mortal who dares defy them by eating too healthily. 
  16. A goat-headed monstrosity waits patiently in a quiet cave, peddling secrets to mortals.
  17. A cursed ring, still attached to the withered finger of its previous owner.
  18. Hundreds of corpses leave their grave to sojourn to an unholy site.
  19. The local method of execution is death by snake pit. They get their venomous snakes from a nearby marsh.
  20. A group of cultists set themselves aflame to achieve a state of transcendence. They sit in the market square, flesh charred.
  21. Blood-sucking creatures with pale skin and sunken eyes travel on a cold northern wind.
  22. Cloaked figures hand out fliers for a solstice party.
  23. A great ship has crashed off the coast, letting loose something horrid that was contained in its hold.
  24. The princess is also the royal torturer, and she is seeking new, unique tools.
  25. A local craftsman is famous for his lute-strings made of moon-blessed silver. All songs played on them have an eerie quality.
  26. A ghoul lurks in the darkness, hunting down liars, perverts, thieves and bureaucrats.
  27. Beings made of shape-shifting metal sweep across the land, murdering and assimilating all life they come across.
  28. The creature from the deep. A monster that devours ships. It has been spotted, and seems to be slowly moving towards the coast.
  29. An enchanted miter and stole. Whoever wears both can channel blasphemies of the highest power.
  30. Ferocious horned monstrosities crash through the forest, and the nobility is preparing for a great hunt.
  31. A great man has achieved divinity by conquest, and now many seek to follow in his footsteps.
  32. A group of secretive mages who control the country hide a secret in the highest chamber of their tower: aliens.
  33. As far as everyone can tell, animals are becoming harder and harder to find during the day. The more nocturnal creatures flourish, however.
  34. Sealed away on the lowest floor of the deepest dungeon is a blind, tongueless man who can sing the song that ends the world.
  35. Small, youthful spirits flit about the rafters of an ancient church, heckling the worshipers there.
  36. The spirits of the dead speak to those who listen, pleading for aid.
  37. Metal spheres hover in the sky, harvesting the life essence from the world beneath until it is drained.
  38. A horse-drawn coach arrives, its driver slumped over dead.  Luckily, the horses still know the path.
  39. Just look up the Motorhead 'Ace of Spades' album art. They can't be stopped. They can't be reasoned with.
  40. Divine creatures descend from the heavens, seeking out the vices that mortals love.
  41. The king has decided that the best way to control his unruly serfs is through mind control.
  42. Screams can be heard from the sewers. Someone has been buried alive in the filth.
  43. Three wicked witches cruise the countryside atop brooms, weaving mayhem all the while.
  44. The fog is a wicked killer, strangulating its victims from the inside.
  45. An arsonist has been turning buildings into ash, and horned creatures can be seen in the flames. 
  46. An amulet in the shape of an inverted cross. It bestows terrible strength on the wearer, at the cost of one's memories.
  47. A rift splits the ground, strange colors beckoning and transfixing any who look upon the passageway between realms.
  48. An old gravekeeper offers tours of his grounds - and the strange tunnels beneath them.
  49. A compass made of human bone. It points towards a strange crypt.
  50. A rose garden, tended to by a wicked fae queen.
  51. The howling in the castle is an open secret, but what creates the noise is still unknown.
  52. Every two-hundred and twenty-two years, a mass of demons and devils spring forth from a black pit deep in the forest. Soon, they will emerge.
  53. A pillar of light can be seen in the desert, channeling power into an ancient pyramid.
  54. Lightning and thunder crash down from the heavens, sent by a vengeful god to smite his foes.
  55. Babylon, the great city. Every dark corner holds some secret, for those brave enough to enter.
  56. An ancient evil has taken up residence in a dark tower, hanging from great iron chains over a great crevice.
  57. An old witch has brought a goat into the world. It can speak the common tongue, and prophesies gruesome fates.
  58. A man arrives, bearing the Mark of the Beast.
  59. The stars begin to wink out in the sky, and a group of women begin to sing of the coming end.
  60. The population begins to dwindle as a great plague takes hold of the nation.
  61. An older man, his body withered and his hair nothing but wisps of white approaches, seeking adventurers to recover something of great value.
  62. Long ago, a great mystic was crucified as punishment for his heretical teachings. The nails that pierced his body have been turned into arrows.
  63. Locked in a remote tower, a young princess turns to performing blood sacrifices to satisfy a dark contract.
  64. The greatest warriors in history did battle in the afterlife until a cleric released them back into the world. Now they seek to return.
  65. A monstrous bird has begun to roost within the ruins of a nearby keep. A massive bounty on the creature's feathers has sent many a desperate soul to their death.
  66. A tavern has opened up in a grimy cellar; it's staffed entirely by skeletons, ghouls and ghosts.
  67. Rumors say that a local child was found in his house, coated in blood after murdering his parents during a particularly fierce storm.
  68. Dark streets become more dangerous as eyes begin to open in the stone, watching passersby.
  69. Firestorms pelt the nation, bringing ruin and darkening the sky with smoke.
  70. Far beneath the great chapel, a ruined mausoleum holds the restless dead, an entrance to hell itself and fantastic wealth that was buried with its owners.
  71. Hidden deep in the forest is a marble bath. A wretched mass of flesh writhes within, distorted faces forming in the creature's body.
  72. A dark, powerful horse bucks its rider and causes him to snap his neck. The creature displays a wicked cunning.
  73. The great church made of volcanic stone serves as the meeting place for the greatest powers ever to walk to the earth.
  74. Men without souls walk the earth, their bodies hollow and their faces vacant.
  75. The treasure that allowed the king to seize power are a pair of angelic wings, brutally severed from their previous owner.
  76. A body washes ashore, wrapped in chains. Something writhes under its flesh.
  77. There exists a door in the woods, and a chair behind it. Whoever sits on that wooden throne allows others to step through into their mind.
  78. An old, abandoned house sits in the forest. It calls out, yearning for adventurers to break the curse laid upon it.
  79. Misshapen creatures from another realm finally break free of their prison, pouring into the world through mirrors.
  80. Tents, mirrors, freakshows and strange animals. A carnival has arrived, manned by the strangest denizens in the realm.
  81. A marsh stretches across the southern peninsula. At night, strange lights flicker and strange things float along beneath the surface.
  82. A door to hell is carved in the stone face of a mountain. A black knight guards the entrance.
  83. Warping reality itself is a difficult task, but a warlock has managed to do so with the aid of seven devils bound in a stone circle.
  84. The inquisition has begun, and no soul is pure.
  85. Ferocious creatures of adamantine and mithril; automatons crafted by an artificer of great renown. They guard their master's stronghold.
  86. Every street of the great city has become a battlefield. Creatures from the pit against the forces of man, and the fighting shows no sign of stopping.
  87. An oil lantern that burns with a dark blue flame, destroying any illusion it casts its glow upon - and calling creatures from beyond the veil.
  88. The river that winds through the valley is powerful and deep, hiding the remnants of a great place of worship that was long ago washed away.
  89. A quiet glade is the house of a fearsome creature, and a small ewe with golden fleece.
  90. A warlord has gathered devoted followers, his cult of personality giving him free reign to do as he pleases with his power.
  91. Strange mask-clad women travel roam the streets, seeking out bodies to purify with flame.
  92. A set of magic jewelry is found that, when it is the only thing one wears, allows a mortal to issue commands to spirits and divine beings that must be obeyed.
  93. The fruit of eternal life have been located, and sparked a holy war.
  94. The skeletal remains of the great hydra have been reanimated by a foolish necromancer, and the invincible monstrosity has begun to rage across the country.
  95. A great machine has been unearthed, and its mechanisms once again turn. A horrid sensation churns in the gut of every man, woman and child.
  96. The sea rages, and begins to vomit its dead.
  97. Black stones jut from the earth, destroying cities and transforming the world into a hellish landscape.
  98. Four rings are crafted and imbued with great power. When worn on a single hand, they give the wearer enough power to level an entire castle with his fists.
  99. Death manifests, seeking out his replacement.
  100. A woman rides into town atop a manticore. She offers a chalice of wine to any who kneel.


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