1d100 - Late Night City Encounters

  1. A shady salesman peddling keys to buildings all around town.
  2. A funeral procession wearing strange masks. The deceased rests bare atop a litter.
  3. Astronomers, testing an apparatus to see beyond the stars.
  4. A horde of rats, flowing down the street like a tidal wave of squeaking fur.
  5. A headless corpse atop a horse. It is slumped over, about to topple off its mount.
  6. Thieves, selling guild memberships.
  7. Thieves, selling fake guild memberships.
  8. Thieves, selling their ill-gotten goods.
  9. A young child in rags, their mind replaced with that of an animal.
  10. A blind man, a deaf woman and a mute child. They beg for coin, and offer good omens to those who aid them.
  11. An entire city block has disappeared. Onlookers are baffled.
  12. Sewer oozes are backing up the pipes, and the street is filled with noxious fumes. Citizens in bedclothes loiter in confusion.
  13. A travelling circus is in town. An exotic animal has broken free, and lurks the streets.
  14. Urban druids engaging in vigilante justice against those who commit crimes against the city.
  15. Illegal philosophy debate.
  16. Priests and priestesses of the god/goddess of nighttime. Cheap healing poultices and rumors for those who tithe.
  17. An entire street filled with food carts. Delicious aromas fill the air.
  18. Corrupt city constables turn blind eye as a gang loots a business district. 
  19. Children approach to hand out pamphlets advertising underground fight arena.
  20. Strange food cart sells sweet pastries and coffee. The owner seeks adventurers to fetch rare ingredients.
  21. The young daughter of a local magistrate has just been mugged, and badly injured. A ring stolen from her was magical.
  22. A museum that is only open during the darkest hours of night is handing out door prizes.
  23. A strange festival has just begun. None of the attendees or employees are quite sure who organized it, or what it celebrates.
  24. The city is quiet. Nobody can make any sound, no matter how hard they try this night.
  25. Fisherman are dragging their late-night haul in from the docks. Something is amiss.
  26. Vandals are out and about, desecrating various buildings.
  27. A hulking creature is devouring someone in the middle of the street. A few people pass by, seemingly oblivious.
  28. Street lamps flicker strangely. A message is being broadcast.
  29. Senior initiated members of the spider cult are hazing new adherents. 
  30. A fledgling vampire is being accosted by a gang of werewolves for unknowingly crossing into their turf.
  31. Someone broke into a factory that produces potions and salves. They left in a hurry, and something escaped.
  32. Angry devils are seeking new employment after previous warlock broke the terms and conditions of their pact.
  33. Lawyers lurk the streets at night.
  34. Two rival pirate crews are having friendly competition in dark alley.
  35. Late-night soiree of wealthy artists. People on the street who look like they have interesting stories are invited to join.
  36. A political debate has run until midnight. Tempers flare, and a brawl threatens to spill out of the forum and into the city proper.
  37. A down on his luck ceramic bowl salesman has become the conduit for moon entity.
  38. Raiders from a strange kingdom are trying to get directions.
  39. A bookstore that peddles forbidden knowledge has put up flyers seeking help.
  40. A serial killer is having trouble finding new victims for his strangely specific murder condition.
  41. A man selling brass automatons refuses to explain what gives his creations such incredible intelligence.
  42. Drug dealers sampled their own stock until there was none left. Their clients are upset.
  43. A mob kingpin is tired of his incompetent goons. 
  44. Screams can be heard in the sewers.
  45. After the sun sets, a second sun immediately crests on the opposite horizon. People are upset.
  46. A series of horrible omens lead to a public, midnight sacrifice of 20 unruly children and their bad parents.
  47. The ghost of the man who designed the city is upset that nobody remembers him.
  48. The city's law enforcement goes on strike after not receiving pay for 3rd week in a row.
  49. All water in the city begins to flow backwards until sunrise.
  50. Fireworks! 
  51. Strange children in masks are knocking on doors and vanishing into thin air to avoid being caught.
  52. Enlightened scholars from local center of learning are afraid to venture into the rougher parts of town at night for their experiments.
  53. Bored anarchists set out to overthrow government during the dead of night.
  54. A local cemetery is thrown into chaos as the dead begin to rise.
  55. Local witch coven opens midnight gambling hall, small bets and friendly competition.
  56. Local politicians open midnight gambling hall and high-class tavern. Extremely high stakes.
  57. Local children open midnight gambling hall in abandoned warehouse. You win, or you die.
  58. Yeast golem escapes from bakery during the night. Seeks asylum from sadistic master.
  59. Investigative journalist seeks an interesting scoop. Finds horrible, life-changing secret instead.
  60. A pack of wild dogs roam the streets. They are strangely friendly.
  61. Local asylum has run out of inmates to experiment on. New patients sought.
  62. A festival in the immigrant district is in full swing. Foreign gods visit their followers at midnight to give blessings.
  63. Local blacksmith stays open late to produce surplus silver weapons. Just in case.
  64. Bug infestation. Big, big bugs.
  65. Local man discovers secret to immortality. It involves taking drugs to stay awake all night screaming in the street.
  66. A man who is scheduled to be executed refuses to die, attempt is still ongoing even after night falls.
  67. Cult of soothsayers invite strangers off the street for palm-readings and tea. Surprisingly nice.
  68. Prostitutes seek out help; brothel owner gone mad, is being controlled by brain slugs.
  69. One of the city's largest bridges has collapsed, panic swells in a nighttime frenzy.
  70. Man stands on corner giving eerily detailed prophecy about the end of the world.
  71. Shapeshifters decide that humans are boring. In protest, they use their mimicry to mock people in late-night farce.
  72. A businessman is desperately trying to secure funding for his bizarre, but highly profitable startup.
  73. People are milling about the street aimlessly. None of them have faces.
  74. A strange music fills the air. Somewhere in the city, a trio of nameless bards play a mournful dirge.
  75. Teenagers have spotted strange creature, are giving chase with makeshift weapons.
  76. Huge burly men engage in late-night competition of strength.
  77. Seven knights return from fight with ancient evil. They really need a drink.
  78. A paranormal society is headed to the local cemetery to conduct bizarre rituals.
  79. Local tavern becomes a portal to a pocket dimension at night.
  80. Religious authorities pull people out of their homes in nightly witch hunt.
  81. Nameless, faceless creature stalks the street, seeks to devour liars, cheaters and adulterers.
  82. Five banshees convene to gossip and shit-talk other local supernatural entities.
  83. Wealthy baron has been transformed into talking pig by his spurned lover. Enjoys his new form, wants someone to take him out of the city.
  84. Travelling circus has set up shop in the plaza. They are all being stalked by an ancient curse.
  85. A strange house on the corner of the street is really a giant, ancient mimic.
  86. Wererats need help finding new burrow after being evicted due to racial discrimination.
  87. Seamstress' guild is tired of being confused with prostitutes' guild. Catfight in the street.
  88. Local fisherman catches an aboleth. 
  89. Tour guide promises haunted trip through city. Includes detour to somewhere worse.
  90. An entire district of the city turns out to be cleverly positioned mirrors. Late-night cleaning crew ruins the illusion when they break some.
  91. Little girl is trying to get people to follow her into dark alley.
  92. City bends in strange manner, streets begin to repeat themselves.
  93. District of the city floods as horrible storm moves in at night. Bioluminescent mermaids aid rescue efforts.
  94. Sinkhole swallows palace.
  95. Giant spiders turn the street into sticky deathtrap.
  96. Strange creature living in sewer drain wants to trade useful goods. 
  97. Gallery of wax statues come to life, but sunrise will see them melt.
  98. Birds are forming strange message in the night sky. 
  99. Astronomers flee their tower in a hurry, refuse to explain why.
  100. A second city appears in the sky, upside down and equally confused.


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