1d100 - Omens and Signs

  1. A solar eclipse spreads darkness.
  2. Ash drifts from the heavens like snow.
  3. A young man is stricken blind, and suddenly speaks only in a strange language.
  4. Out at sea, multiple ships spot a massive serpent beneath the waves.
  5. A child is born at precisely at midnight. It does not cry at all.
  6. Overnight, every animal in the city flees, if able.
  7. A plague of nightmares descends on every person for miles.
  8. A dry wind blows, and a tenth of all crops begin to rot.
  9. Sharp, sudden toothaches.
  10. A high-ranking member of the religious clergy is tossed from his horse.
  11. Two wheels on a cart break at the same time.
  12. Animals grow irritable and highly restless.
  13. Livestock gives birth to a horrendous, malformed creature.
  14. A torch refuses to stop burning.
  15. Thousands of dead insects are found on the ground, come morning.
  16. A windstorm kicks up suddenly, and rages for only a brief moment before all is oddly calm.
  17. Rain falls in a very strategic location, and for an extended period of time.
  18. A wishing well is found pillaged, many copper coins dredged from its dry depths.
  19. No fish can be pulled by up hook and line for a week. Nets return empty, and fish skeletons wash ashore.
  20. Clouds form strange creatures in the sky.
  21. The royal family produces a stillbirth.
  22. Lightning strikes a traveller on the road.
  23. A stag is spotted with massive, splintered horns.
  24. A miasma seeps into town from the ocean.
  25. Multiple planets align in the sky.
  26. Two horses suddenly veer from the path, dragging their hapless riders along as they flee.
  27. Howling winds seem to come from a nearby graveyard.
  28. A door falls out of its frame.
  29. The foible of a blade shatters when drawn from its sheathe.
  30. Someone sees their doppelganger.
  31. Sudden tripping bouts continue to occur.
  32. An old, trusty lock falls apart.
  33. The old ruler has a dream of his impending death.
  34. The nearest tribe of monstrous humanoids send a peace offering after a strange portent is seen in the sky.
  35. An axehead flies off when used.
  36. Shooting stars can be seen for a full hour on a cloudless night.
  37. A massive avalanche can be heard for miles.
  38. The night before a duel, both parties involved have a terrible dream and want to call it off.
  39. An ancient tree is infected with disease and insects.
  40. A princess pricks herself while sewing.
  41. The only bridge for miles topples into the river.
  42. Birds can be seen flying in strange formations.
  43. Phantom itches can be felt underneath armor and heavy clothing.
  44. Heavy winds kick up, and only subside after someone swears aloud.
  45. Incense ignites itself inside of a backpack.
  46. A freshly-sliced loaf of bread is turned upside down.
  47. A stranger is seen entering a mausoleum. The door is still sealed.
  48. A metal barrel-band snaps.
  49. Ivy that once grew along the side of a house has withered and fallen away.
  50. A wayshrine to a deity is found destroyed by a natural event.
  51. Horrible dreams
  52. Massive birds can be seen in the sky. Scavengers.
  53. All of the water in the area tastes foul, even if stored safely.
  54. A lake catches fire.
  55. Sprinting across the road, a white cat without a tail chases after something small.
  56. Grubs are found in nearby food stores.
  57. Resting in the middle of the street, the corpse of an old beggar stirs up hushed whispers.
  58. An earthquake rattles nearby cities, sundering the ground.
  59. A dog chokes to death on the bone of a small prey animal.
  60. A singular beam of sunlight highlights an object in a dense forest.
  61. The local gamewarden takes down a unicorn.
  62. The foundation of a building is found to be unreliable.
  63. Tea leaves form an ominous shape at the bottom of a cup.
  64. The bottom of one's rucksack rips. Items spill out in a strange pattern.
  65. Frost on the ground shows a strange set of footprints.
  66. A tree has fallen across a road, split by lightning.
  67. An insane old man rambles about prophecies. They come true.
  68. The wall of an old temple crumbles inwards overnight.
  69. Fire catches in the old library, reducing it to ash.
  70. Thick fog obscures everything for miles.
  71. A local priest cuts into a bird for dinner, and another bird flies out of the carcass.
  72. Heavy clouds hang overhead for days, but no rain falls.
  73. The local river overflows at an odd time of the year.
  74. Two elderly men who were engaged in a long feud both fall ill at the same time.
  75. No clouds have been spotted in the sky for six weeks.
  76. The sign that marks the crossroad has fallen over.
  77. A man falls dead in the middle of an argument.
  78. An arrow snaps when pulled from its quiver.
  79. One's boots get muddy when they inadvertently step into a water-filled pothole in the road.
  80. A torrential deluge halts progress for precisely 3 days.
  81. Someone breaks their steel mirror.
  82. After a few delays, a ship sets sail at the end of the week.
  83. A handful of sudden, improbable pregnancies occur.
  84. The old woman who cooks food at the tavern comes down with a migraine.
  85. The key to a lock vanishes when it is needed.
  86. A river runs dry.
  87. Local nature spirits refuse to give anyone their blessing.
  88. A bird drops dead from the sky.
  89. A tombstone is found shattered.
  90. At one of the busiest city gates, a horse-drawn cart breaks down.
  91. Four musicians gather to play music for coin at the same place, independent of one another.
  92. A member of the local clergy spills holy water.
  93. A few animals commit suicide.
  94. One of the minor, local deities leaves strange messages.
  95. In a crowded street, a stranger unknowingly drops a blood-stained dagger and walks off.
  96. Laughter can be heard behind closed doors, in empty rooms.
  97. Two hunting dogs begin to speak, but only briefly and in cryptic, short messages.
  98. A bow cracks when drawn.
  99. Footsteps can be heard behind people, but nobody is ever there.
  100. A man thought to be dead returns to town.


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