1d100 - River Encounters

  1. The local piranha population infests the waters in higher numbers than usual, swarming anything in the water that moves.
  2. An old bridge has washed away, revealing the remnants of something much older.
  3. Old caves are nestled in the rock here, half-flooded and dangerous.
  4. Beneath the river, a maze of caves draws the water in strange currents.
  5. Massive willow trees obscure the river here, bathing it in darkness. Strange birds roost in the eaves.
  6. A pair of giant salamanders lounge on the shore, their flame-filled bodies boiling the water around them.
  7. Two young fisherman sit on a small wharf trading tall tales. They know more than they let on.
  8. Massive, nocturnal anacondas are stalking their prey in the water. Their massive bodies writhe under the surface.
  9. Strange plants bob on the surface of the river, stalks filtering whatever passes downstream.
  10. A mass of insects have laid eggs in a stagnant pool near the river, and they are ready to burst.
  11. Crocodiles have set up on either bank of the river, hoping to catch an easy meal or two.
  12. A crumbling watcher finally succumbed to time and toppled into the nearby river. An aquatic troll now lives in the ruins.
  13. The water here has frozen over entirely, grass frosted and rock slick with ice. It seems to have happened in an instant.
  14. Sitting beside the road overlooking the river is a lovely little tavern. The owners are nowhere to be found.
  15. A merchant cart has overturned within the past few days, much of its cargo sent into the swift-flowing waters.
  16. A few fisherman are prodding about the river with long sticks, trying to snag some softshell turtles for dinner.
  17. Resting beside the river are a knight and his retinue. They are engaging in friendly duels.
  18. Researchers from the nearest mage college have established a small fortress on the river proper.
  19. The river swells and forms a small lake. In the center is a huge cluster of black lotus flowers.
  20. The Candiru, also known as the vampire fish has been spotted nearby, draining prey of blood.
  21. Hill giants have thrown so many rocks into the river that it has created an artificial lake.
  22. Rocks and moss form a face in the water, staring up at all who pass along its shores.
  23. The sand here is black and riddled with queer minerals.
  24. A solitary tiger lounges by the side of the river, having snagged a few fish to eat.
  25. Oozing up from the riverbed, a thick black ooze clumps together here.
  26. A few small rafts float along down the river, with supplies strapped down tight but not a soul to be seen.
  27. Vultures circle overhead, waiting to find a meal.
  28. A local village has sent hundreds of small lanterns downstream, floating on the surface of the river.
  29. Upon a sandbank rests a glimmering golden amulet.
  30. The small house near the river is home to a strange man with control over the weather.
  31. A boat moves slowly down the river, and robed men peddle odd wares, shouting at passersby.
  32. In the pristine water, the glimmer of gold at the bottom  of the river distracts the eye from the electric catfish nearby.
  33. A huge black horse with a mane of serpents emerges from the river slowly, and offers to ferry travelers across.
  34. Lobster-creatures crawl out of the river at night to hunt prey.
  35. A massive snake crawls from the river, and slowly shifts into human form.
  36. The cave that overlooks the river is home to a medusa, lonely and bitter.
  37. With spears and nets, a few goblins have set up camp here to try and catch dinner.
  38. Ferocious tigerfish have ravaged quite a few creatures, hollowed-out carcasses littering the riverbank.
  39. The trees here are known as the 'blinding river poison trees' for the deadly secretions of their leaves and fruit.
  40. An old graveyard has been unearthed by rain, and some of the bodies have made their way down the hill towards the river.
  41. Strange carvings in rocks near the river tell a story about the local water deity.
  42. A sudden storms roll in. Strange shapes can be seen in the lightning, and laughter heard during the thunder.
  43. The locals use this stretch of river for bathing and laundry. The natural hot springs are pleasant, save for the sulfuric scent.
  44. Odd dolls dangle from strings in all of the nearby trees. A haunting echo can be heard, and the river is dead silent.
  45. Local village seeks help with angry river spirits, may have accidentally destroyed their shrine.
  46. The gold in the hills and river has attracted a young dragon who is still trying to acquire a hoard. 
  47. A giant owl watches over the river here, and offers prophecy in exchange for a fresh meal or two that isn't fish.
  48. Snakeheads have crawled up onto the muddy banks of the river, gathering air and baking in the sun.
  49. Unwary swimmers might not notice the giant eel that lives in this stretch of river.
  50. An infestation of leeches and disease makes the pools around this area particularly dangerous.
  51. An old crone lives at her riverside shack, brewing potions using the pure water.
  52. Water nymphs play amongst the rocks, harassing passersby.
  53. A local fisherman has fallen into the water, and river dolphins are harassing him, preventing rescue.
  54. Sahuagin swim in the river, netting travellers on the road and dragging them into the muddy depths.
  55. The floor of the river shimmers and gleams - gemstones nestled amongst fine sand. The water is deep, and deadly swift.
  56. Houndfish are in a feeding frenzy; leaping out of water with needle-like beaks that can impale a man.
  57. Trees have fallen into the river after a storm, and the river is now overflowing and diverted.
  58. The river is wide and deep, but no ferryman will risk the trip. The freshwater sharks have learned to tip over boats.
  59. A barge floats downriver slowly. Dozens hang around on-board, and alcohol flows freely.
  60. The river here passes underground - a massive cave opening up to allow the water to flow through the ground.
  61. Slugs, eels, leeches and blood-sucking insects. This stretch of river is foul.
  62. The sailors talk of good eating from the river fish, but the Alligator Gar make hauls deadly.
  63. The river seems to slow to a crawl, barely moving.
  64. Secluded and quiet, a bend in the river exposes a swimming hole. A tree with a rope swing, 
  65. Beneath the river, a maze of caves churns the water ferociously.
  66. The mangrove crabs get in everything. And they are dangerous.
  67. Dryads watch the going-ons of the road from their waterlogged trees and attempt to lure the more comely travelers.
  68. A fish farm has been built that uses water from the nearby river. Something unnatural is at work, there.
  69. The river itself is not dangerous - nestled around the slow, gentle river are many pit viper nests.
  70. Across the surface of the water, a strange, lightweight ivy crawls. 
  71. The river grows weaker as time goes on, and soon enough it is reduced to a mere trickle in a dry riverbed.
  72. Huge columns in the river form dangerous rapids, and the sound is deafening.
  73. A creature that devours everything. Local sailors tell legends about the giant catfish that lives in the nearby swimming hole.
  74. A shrine sits on the side of the river. Mothers come to dip their children in the cold waters for good luck.
  75. The river here is a superior reflective surface. At night, it highlights strange patterns in the sky overhead.
  76. Creatures from the realm beneath the surface use this stretch of river to surface for stealthy reconnaissance.
  77. A riverside fishing colony sits here, a ghost town now. They left in a hurry, it would seem.
  78. It has been travelling slowly, but the bull shark has finally made it far enough upriver to eat its fill.
  79. Resting in the shade of a great tree, an ancient man writes down his poetry as he watches the river pass by.
  80. A huge hill overlooks the river. Climbing it provides a lovely vantage point, for the river stretches on without end.
  81. Unearthly wails echo out over the water as an apparition floats over the river slowly.
  82. Noise carries from the busy riverside trading post. It's a joyous place, full of information and goods.
  83. The deep river is pitted with small crevices, in which many venom-toothed eels slither.
  84. Hippocampi frolic in the swift river, enjoying themselves while heading downstream to the ocean.
  85. A bridge across the river is manned by a troll, waiting to claim his toll.
  86. Borne of the waters, a strange ooze crawls forth to find prey.
  87. The area around the river here is swampy and stagnant, and mosquitoes plague the air.
  88. Giant kingfishers prey not only on fish in the area, but just about anything that moves near the river.
  89. White sturgeon are central to a local feast. A city of tents has been erected to process the gargantuan beasts.
  90. Wearing a headdress of reeds and ostrich feathers, a beautiful woman kneels beside the river, watching the plentiful fish.
  91. A river troll hunts in the nearby forest; he has yet to overcome his fear of swimming.
  92. Strange blue lights flicker in the water, and at night they rise up in a massive frenzy of bright motes.
  93. The strange shape of the river here was created long ago by a giant serpent winding through the land.
  94. The river has caught fire here, and the heat is intense as it starts to spread.
  95. River mangroves call the muddy soil home, and dryads giggle at folks who come down to the banks.
  96. Emerging from its pit-like cave, a young hydra fishes here.
  97. A river crossing once had a warning sign, but a flood washed it away. The water here hides giant stingray. 
  98. Something bubbles and boils in the mud.
  99. The water here is so reflective it appears to be polished steel, a bright mirror that shifts ever so slightly.
  100. River sirens are just as dangerous as their ocean-bound brethren.


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