1d100 - Things in the Abyss

  1. A massive mouth, protruding from a slab of rock. It speaks in a dead language.
  2. An ancient holding cell, of cold, well-carved stone slabs. 
  3. A sheet of ice that stretches for miles. Something writhes beneath.
  4. A river of phlegm that flows slowly down a smooth channel.
  5. Two massive humanoids; veritable giants with fifteen eyes apiece and an unending hunger. 
  6. The crumbled remnants of a once-great fortress. Ragged banners hang listlessly.
  7. The swollen corpses of the recently deceased. They threaten to burst.
  8. Despite the gentle incline, the ash flats are an imposing sight.
  9. Inside the great cavern there dangle countless chains, upon which meat-hooks menace the unwary.
  10. Soothsayers granted eternal life, pinned to the ground with metal spikes like dead insects in a collection.
  11. The tin mines, in which a thousand souls endlessly labor.
  12. Mount Aventine, under which sits the lake of blood.
  13. A thunderstorm brews, the sound deafening as it blasts across the wastes, and the lightning blood-red.
  14. The pit of thick smoke that serves as the house of the basilisk. Half-eaten statues are strewn about.
  15. A lake of boiling sulfur, with a shrine in the center.
  16. A small temple to a forgotten demigod. A sanctuary in this harsh place.
  17. The toll bridge that stretches across the dark chasm does not accept coin for payment.
  18. All that remains of the ancient library are the empty halls and the creatures that once tended to its well being.
  19. That ancient lake of fire. The old souls that cast their hooks and line out into the depths are willing to swap stories.
  20. Clogged with vacant husks of once-great men, the torture pits are a bleak diversion from the empty wastes.
  21. An outpost, manned by cultists of the Bleeding Eye.
  22. A strange marketplace, where one may buy or sell goods for the greatest currency: memories.
  23. The vineyard here thrives on the volcanic soil. The terroir is unique.
  24. Craggy rocks form a strange spire, and chains have been driven into it with metal pitons.
  25. Feathers are strewn about for miles before the towering aviary can even be seen.
  26. A fine mist fills the burnt forest. It speaks with travellers, begging to be bottled and taken far away from this wretched place.
  27. The caves in this region house the winged cyclopean horrors and their slaves.
  28. The fungi that grows in the Abyss is surprisingly nutritious. Strange and colorful, but good eating.
  29. A mangrove swamp clogs the ashen coastline. Their grey leaves are covered in a thick layer of salt.
  30. Iron deposits jut from the ground like vicious swords, littering the landscape.
  31. A tribe of gruff tribesman traverse the ash wastes. They sell cold beverages to other travellers.
  32. The wall of smoke has a tollbooth that allows safe passage through.
  33. An angel plays a sweet dirge as he guards a gate out of the abyss. 
  34. Here lie the crumbled buildings of an ancient city, swallowed by the abyss for its crimes.
  35. The salamander pits can be seen for miles, due to the gouts of flame that rise up in bursts.
  36. A well here is marked with a sign. "To drink, to forfeit humanity."
  37. A great willow stands here. Its leaves are made of human flesh, its bark of bone.
  38. In the ground is a massive pit, which exposed a swift-running river in the ground. A few devils use it for a fishing hole.
  39. Spirits of deception wander about, attempting to lull their prey into a false sense of security.
  40. Lava is molten rock. It flows very slowly down the hill, here.
  41. The warped maze confounds the inhabitants of the Abyss, but at its center lies a wondrous treasure.
  42. The temple of Discord houses a silver chalice, full of that most fecund liquid.
  43. Steam vents perforate the landscape, and the air is suffused with that sulfuric tinge.
  44. A great battlefield lies here, the maimed bodies of soldiers writhing in the muck.
  45. The underground bazaar sells many things, but mostly information.
  46. The mountain is dotted with honeycomb-shaped niches. It is a hive.
  47. A quarry has been dug, and the rocks are used to make those foul creatures, gargoyles.
  48. Gambling houses can be found, a beacon for the ill-mannered and lucky.
  49. Rolling hills, upon which dreadsteeds and nightmares roam.
  50. The artwork of mortals is far different from that of the devils that inhabit this realm; showcased in a wicked gallery.
  51. Columnar basalt formations, towering far above the range of one's sight.
  52. Bodies sunken beneath a layer of silt and ash. They stare up with pleading expressions frozen on their faces.
  53. A strange device of copper and brass. When cranked, the dead speak through it.
  54. Standing upright is a massive, perfectly square slab of granite. It blocks the entrance to an ancient tomb.
  55. A tree, rotted and gnarled. The bark forms many faces that watch passersby.
  56. Sand that burns as hot as molten glass, flowing in every which way.
  57. For miles, a deep gorge splits the ground. It it silent but for the dead whistle of a stale wind.
  58. A beast so large it could swallow a dragon whole. It speaks every language known to man.
  59. Vents that spew forth a noxious gas. Inside, creatures lounge in their foul baths.
  60. A bathhouse of pristine marble, manned by handsome devils and beautiful succubi.
  61. A pit of asps, roiling in a conjoined mass.
  62. The corpse of a slain beast, its body pierced with a hundred spears.
  63. A steep cliff, upon which a small path winds. Sharp rocks to one side, and a sheer drop on the other.
  64. A squat creature with a disfigured face. It buys coins of any sort, and pays for them with congealed souls.
  65. The famed automaton of Myrrha. She is beautiful, and longs for the gift of true life.
  66. The well here draws from the icy depths below. The water pulled is refreshing, but instills doubt in those who drink it.
  67. The lake Tarhines, frosted over so as to look like pure glass.
  68. A dullahan, naked of armor and wielding only a broken sword.
  69. A tower; if one were to climb it, they might escape. It is guarded by vile, rotting hydra.
  70. The cavern system is a mess of winding tunnels. Inside, the insect queen grows her army.
  71. A small house on the edge of a cliff. A woman tends to her garden here, selling odd poultices and herbs.
  72. A canopy of stars twinkle menacingly overhead.
  73. A waterfall of oil, always aflame.
  74. The sagebrush fields reek with an acidic stench, and the bushes are sharp with razor-fine leaves and spikes.
  75. Blood flows freely from the body of an ancient deity. Its head has been lopped off, and the sanguine river always flows.
  76. The great ebon capital of the Abyss lies in the deep chasm here, only a short ferry ride away.
  77. Carved into the ground is a massive conical depression. An eternal storm rages here, a hurricane that never rests.
  78. Darkness swallows all light, here. Laughter echoes within, childish and innocent.
  79. The roar of a beast echoes within the cavern. The speleothem warp the sound strangely.
  80. A wind howls terribly here, and faces can be seen in the dust it carries.
  81. The firestorm threatens to incinerate all who do not hide within the caves. Which is more dangerous?
  82. A hag coven uses the nearby sarmatic forest as a hideout. A dozen enchanted scarecrows guard its shady groves.
  83. One can speak with their ancestors if they offer a single silver coin to the sphinx that dwells within the Pardon's Pass.
  84. A city of obsidian. For a mortal to enter, they must abandon all physical possessions and accept the brand of mammon.
  85. The men who live on the salt flats are really giant worms in disguise.
  86. The ice caves are a wretched place, and the denizens within are brutish and uncultured. 
  87. A tavern is nestled amongst the rocks. It is quiet, and kept hidden from all but weary travellers.
  88. Packs of hellhounds tear their prey apart with wild ferocity. The sound of a hellish hunting horn can be heard nearby.
  89. Giant buzzards attack unwary travellers. Youthful devils and demons hunt them for sport.
  90. A fruit orchard offers respite, but the owner is more dangerous than many other things found in this realm.
  91. Those who sold their souls for gain are taken to the Theban Manor which overlooks much of the southern expanse.
  92. Sitting plainly here is The Crossroad.
  93. Chiseled out of great stone, a doorway stands here. It leads deeper into the Abyss.
  94. A palace, opulent and imperial, sits atop a hill. The lamps cast a dull red glow about it.
  95. Chained to a lectern is a book of prophecy, its words blasphemy and its binding human flesh.
  96. Hovering miles above the ground, a small island makes its way across the width of the land.
  97. The Great Serpent slithers through the canyon, winding slowly as its great body crushes rock and grinds stone.
  98. Blackened by the furnaces, a great forge hangs from chains over a magma flow.
  99. A foggy lake sits here, treetops visible on the far bank. Huge figures shift in the bleak vapors.
  100. The pit. An expanse of darkness, with many chains hanging from the edge on which to descend.


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