1d100 - Unsettling House Events

  1. Someone is using your house. They've been using it for years.
  2. A large number of items have been replaced with mimics.
  3. A small construct is found. It has been reporting your movements to its owner.
  4. Dead bodies have been dressed in your clothes and left scattered about.
  5. Your neighbors, landlord, and nearby friends have all vanished. Only those who knew you personally.
  6. A thick layer of dust has appeared on every surface, and everything perishable has gone bad.
  7. Spiders clog every possible nook and cranny.
  8. It turns out that the safehouse was built on a burial ground. Something has finally clawed its way back to the surface.
  9. A zone of antigravity has been established inside of the house.
  10. A pool of water has formed from a leak in the ceiling. It is a scrying pool, and shows something disturbing.
  11. A  murder has taken place in your house. Restless spirits relive it every midnight.
  12. Straw effigies in the shape of bodies have appeared in every bed.
  13. Something has exploded - scorch marks on every surface, and a charred scent in the air
  14. A trio of witches have moved in. They are friendly, but strange.
  15. Strangers in masks stand outside every night. If there are windows, they will peer through.
  16. Books and scraps of paper begin to rip themselves apart and flutter to the ground. They spell something out.
  17. Water fills every square inch of the house.
  18. A local restaurant begins to deliver excessive amounts of food. Someone ordered it, and they demand payment.
  19. A devil knocks on the door. He offers something precious in exchange for cheap rent.
  20. One of the neighbors is beginning to grow nosy. Disturbingly nosy.
  21. Time stops for everything outside the house, except for a group of strangers in white robes.
  22. The house is alive. It begins to speak.
  23. Strange mushrooms have begun to sprout from every crack and crevice. Spores fill the air.
  24. Black ooze begins to flow out of drains, pipes and refuse buckets.
  25. Someone wants to purchase the safehouse. And they are willing to go to insane lengths to secure the deal.
  26. Strange meat has appeared in the larder.
  27. All of the shadows in the house come to life. They are mostly friendly.
  28. A sobbing woman pounds on the door. She mistakenly believes that her son is inside, and wants him back.
  29. A letter arrived, from the previous tenant. They left something very important behind, and desire it returned.
  30. The safehouse has moved locations with everyone inside.
  31. One of the walls begins to crumble. A corpse was sealed within.
  32. A corpse is found curled up somewhere strange.
  33. Something is in the house. It only exists in direct sunlight.
  34. There's a sudden scorpion infestation. They are exceptionally venomous.
  35. All of the furniture is now made of slime.
  36. All of the furniture has disappeared.
  37. All of the furniture is invisible.
  38. A stranger knocks on the front door. He has no face, or distinguishing features.
  39. Water fills every available container, and tiny fish swim about inside.
  40. There was a mass suicide outside your door. 
  41. Each resident comes down with a minor illness.
  42. Loud noises can be heard outside, when inside the house. They come from inside, when standing outside of it.
  43. A building crew arrives in the morning. They've been contracted by a mysterious benefactor to improve the safehouse.
  44. A portal opens up inside of a cabinet or drawer. It leads to a pocket dimension.
  45. An old woman knocks on the door. She was a royal chef and needs a place to stay after being exiled for regicide.
  46. The cellar is full of strange, tunneling creatures. They have arrived from far under the ground.
  47. Prostitutes, noble scions and rich bastards all begin to arrive. They were invited to a party at the safehouse.
  48. Furniture begins to rearrange itself when nobody is looking.
  49. The clocks all stop, and refuse to move again.
  50. Someone has locked all of the doors, drawers, windows and hatches. The keys are sealed inside of a puzzle box.
  51. The temperature in the house begins to swing between unbearably hot and freezing cold.
  52. The dimensions of the house are growing smaller. The contents are not.
  53. Things inside the house are growing smaller, including the inhabitants.
  54. Did you keep pets in your safehouse? Now you do.
  55. Someone came in during the night, had supper, and then left. They left a polite note and everything.
  56. Divine creatures fleeing something unspeakable want to take up residence in the safehouse.
  57. The floor is now lava.
  58. Time for a bodyswap episode. Everybody who slept in the house switches bodies for 23 and 1/2 hours.
  59. Something is stalking the inhabitants of the house. It is slow, but nearly invisible and almost perfectly silent.
  60. There's a loud argument going on upstairs. Even if there is no upstairs.
  61. Rain begins to fall from the ceiling. The sound of thunder can be heard in the distance.
  62. Every candle, lamp, torch is suddenly illuminated. It is in the residents best interest to prevent them from going out.
  63. Meal moth larva have taken up residence. They are 2-5x larger than their real life counterparts.
  64. Something is coming. It is trying every latch, doorknob and lock.
  65. A strange package arrives on the doorstep, delivered to the wrong address. Inside is a carefully-packaged green lotus.
  66. Something is living inside every reflective surface in your safehouse.
  67. Tentacles erupt from every dimly-lit part of the house.
  68. Sobbing can be heard coming from somewhere nearby; in a locked room that didn't use to exist.
  69. Shadows are being cast by creatures that don't exist.
  70. There's a knock at the door every hour during the night. Nobody is ever there.
  71. The local magistrate has sent a letter demanding a higher property tax.
  72. A new set of stairs have appeared, leading to a floor of the house that previously did not exist.
  73. A string of unnaturally bad luck commences, though only for people inside the house.
  74. Sand fills the house, and the air is unnaturally dry.
  75. Dogs and cats refuse to approach the house.
  76. A wizard teleports into the house, wearing nothing but a thick coating of blood.
  77. Strange foreign coins can now be found in places where people might lose their pocket change.
  78. Bloody warnings appear on the walls. They are genuinely helpful.
  79. A howling wind kicks up, and figures can be seen outside the house in the gale.
  80. Unnatural darkness fills the house, choking out all sound.
  81. Heavy breathing can be heard whenever anyone puts their ear up to a door.
  82. Things start to break every so often, for seemingly no reason.
  83. Local authorities drop by, investigating reports of an escaped convict, last seen entering this house.
  84. A charred bundle appears in the hearth.
  85. Various objects around the house begin to animate, and attempt to talk to the residents.
  86. Someone broke in last night. Someone else murdered them.
  87. Mischievous spirits begin to play harmless pranks. They can be appeased with baked goods.
  88. A starmap appears on the ceiling. It reveals a constellation that doesn't currently exist in the night sky.
  89. A strange pair of boots can be found near the entrance, mud-splattered and excessively large.
  90. A fog begins to roll in through the windows and doors. Despite the clear weather outside.
  91. A group of strange cultists appear in the house. They needed a new meeting place.
  92. Serpents begin to swarm inside of the house, called be an eerie pipe that plays itself.
  93. A quiet ghost flits about the house. It will not interact with anyone, but watches curiously.
  94. Everyone in the house wakes up at the same time, having shared the same nightmare.
  95. Something is living underneath the beds. It doesn't want to leave.
  96. Every reflective surface has either shattered or grown cloudy.
  97. One of the doors doesn't lead where it should.
  98. The floor begins to fall away, revealing a murky black lake that seems to go on forever.
  99. Something feels very wrong inside of the safehouse, but nobody is able to pin down precisely what.
  100. Time begins to flow backwards inside the house.


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