1d100 - Odd Treasures

  1. Petrified goblin heart in a silver birdcage.
  2. Severed hand; it bleeds and spasms, but does not die.
  3. Worn coins - the date stamped into them is from the future.
  4. Stacks of research notes, sketches of human anatomy that looks very, very wrong.
  5. Hollow gemstones filled with liquid.
  6. Blackened meat, still warm and giving off a tempting aroma.
  7. Bottled screams.
  8. Clay bottles containing alcohol; and something resting at the bottom.
  9. Potted plants that have anguished faces growing in their leaves.
  10. Ordinary book written in common. It leaves a foul taste in the mouth when read aloud.
  11. Multiple bundles of animal tails, tied together with twine.
  12. Fishing gear, and a small bag of worms that can speak.
  13. Empty jewelry box. While open, whispers can be heard all about the room.
  14. Dice with weather conditions on each face. When rolled, 90% accurate forecast.
  15. Serrated dagger that can't cut flesh.
  16. Soft, fleshy matter in a glass bottle.
  17. Bottle filled with dried figs. Each fig serves as 1 day's rations.
  18. Slime-coated slugs in a sealed glass bowl. They spit weak acid.
  19. Broken pair of glasses. Can see ghosts through the shattered glass.
  20. Silver ring of a snake devouring its tail. It slowly rotates on its own.
  21. Fifteen charred fingers, strung into a necklace.
  22. Packets of white, tasteless powder. A powerful sleeping drug.
  23. Opals carved into flawless teeth.
  24. Set of brass lockpicks that couldn't possibly fit into any known style of lock.
  25. Tinderbox that always refills itself at midnight.
  26. Flask that turns water into weak alcohol.
  27. Clumps of moss that serve as effective bandages and heal swiftly, when damaged.
  28. Map of familiar constellations that cannot be found in the night sky.
  29. Small prisms that absorb light rather than refract it.
  30. Physical remnants of a broken curse.
  31. Congealed blood from a creature long-since dead.
  32. Preserved vocal cords and tongue of a bard executed for heresy.
  33. Seeds for a plant that no living botanist will recognize.
  34. Shrunken skulls of an already-small race of fae.
  35. Featureless dolls. After a day, they begin to take on the features of their owner.
  36. Mining picks that look half-melted and terribly bent.
  37. Broken shards of some exceptionally large, valuable gem.
  38. Lost scriptures of an ancient, dead religion.
  39. Uncomfortable silence that nobody can bear to break.
  40. Windchimes that make no noise when they rustle.
  41. Cans of hair pomeade that smell nostalgic.
  42. Bottle tears of a dying child.
  43. Grave dirt, complete with some flesh still buried inside.
  44. Misshapen skull of a dog. It appears to have had two mouths.
  45. Slimy, wet eggs from something grotesque and massive.
  46. Etchings on stone that depict a very unusual story about the world's creation.
  47. Set of hammers that all seem highly impractical, but valuable.
  48. Comfortable cushions and blankets. They cause unnaturally deep sleep, if lounged in.
  49. Gloves. The left has four fingers, the right has six.
  50. Recipes for extremely exotic cuisine, mainly based on blood.
  51. Pouches of dried fish and squid. The stench is overly strong.
  52. Playing cards that, when shuffled, rearrange themselves to their default order.
  53. Waterskin that converts water into sand every midnight.
  54. Sets of fishing hooks made of pure silver.
  55. Still-throbbing heart with a name carved into it.
  56. Vial filled to the brim with dead flies.
  57. Dusty ankh necklace. When worn against bare skin, feels hot and 4x as heavy.
  58. Weighing scales that work in reverse, defying gravity.
  59. One garment made entirely out of belts. One hundred hidden compartments.
  60. Massive keg filled to the brim with warm tar.
  61. Unassuming candle. When lit, a black flame eats the light and darkens the area.
  62. Wrought-iron crown of thorns. When the wearer tells a lie, they cry blood.
  63. Whip used for self-flagellation. Wounds caused bleed terribly, but do not hurt.
  64. Set of ceremonial red robes.Anyone wearing can feel It watching from afar.
  65. Signed contract with a powerful entity. The former holder died mid-scrawl.
  66. Broken compass that points at other broken compasses.
  67. Feather that can store up to one hour of sunlight for later use.
  68. Hollow, transparent cube filled with green liquid.
  69. Freshly decapitated goat head. It answers questions.
  70. Drug that makes time appear to flow twice as fast around the user.
  71. Hollow ingots of gold. Valuable, but odd.
  72. Bag of spores. Sprinkled on anything organic, they swiftly take root and sprout into mushrooms.
  73. Jar containing preserved eyeballs. They turn to watch movement.
  74. Highly ornate spectacles, the lenses a faint blue.
  75. Large tome with an tongue nailed into the front cover.
  76. Spyglass filled with water. It seemingly refuses to drain.
  77. Patchwork cloak that comforts the wearer greatly.
  78. Pair of sapphire earrings. Something sparkles deep within.
  79. Still-living rose that flourishes at night.
  80. Detailed anatomy sketch of a goblin.
  81. Tarnished silverware stamped with your name.
  82. Twenty scales plied from a still-living dragon.
  83. Hollow fangs, and vials of the venom that was once contained within.
  84. Giant egg, a dead creature curled up within.
  85. Torn flag of an ancient city.
  86. Dissected and flayed corpse of a fae creature.
  87. Rich blue ink and a fine quill with a silver nib.
  88. Tiny cage within a medium cage within a large cage.
  89. Glass skull wrapped in taut, tanned flesh.
  90. Jar of leeches labelled 'Dream-suckers.'
  91. Snuffbox filled with expensive, dangerous drugs.
  92. Gemstones cut into tiny, expensive weapons.
  93. Scarab brooch that glows orange when the wearer is nearly dead.
  94. Silver flask with a leering face engraved on the front.
  95. Tiny glass orb with a lightning storm trapped inside.
  96. Brass pomegranate, cracked in half. A few of the seeds have been eaten.
  97. Mummified remains of a man who was wearing manacles and a golden crown.
  98. Silver sickle, blessed by an archdruid.
  99. Tome of curses and false demon names.
  100. Finely aged wine that gives the imbiber prophetic, drunken visions.


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