1d20 - Poorly Cooked Meals & 1d20 - Magical Diseases

Poorly Cooked Meals

  1. Mushroom and trout stew sans salt.
  2. Pine bark bread.
  3. Crabapple curry over soggy rice. 
  4. Flank steak skewers cooked until v. well done
  5. Cow brain in a brown sauce.
  6. Overly seared hot peppers and herbs.
  7. “Salsa,” diced tomato in water and vinegar. 
  8. Twice-cooked pork and bitter herb slaw.
  9. Small game birds and goblin liver cutlets.
  10. Onion and water soup.
  11. Leg of mutton over open fire with warm milk and herb baste.
  12. Hardtack and tainted water.
  13. Eggs over very hard with a side of boiled carrots and celery.
  14. Mashed potatoes and suspicious milk.
  15. Black pudding from an unknown animal.
  16. Beans and potentially toxic manticore bacon.
  17. Salmon suspended in cow-bone gelatin.
  18. Pigs feet in myconid-stalk gravy.
  19. Ogre haunch, burnt to eradicate disease.
  20. Chicken hearts in a gritty walnut breading.

Magical Diseases

  1. Arcane sneezes. While afflicted, spawn one sentient snot golems every 1d4 hours.
  2. Tenser’s Vertigo. Gravity is randomized every 2d4 hours.
  3. Lvl 2 dysentery. In addition to usual symptoms, 1d4 fire damage every hour as gouts of elemental power erupt from various orifices.
  4. Wild Growths. All hair falls out, jute fibre grows in its place until long enough to achieve sentience and pull free of host.
  5. The Onyx Lung. Diseased host coughs obsidian fragments for 2d6 days until rocky growths spread to rest of body.
  6. Jungle Eyes. Symptoms start with cloudy vision and frequent blinking. Eyes first liquify and then solidify into chalky mass, rest of body soon follows. Highly valued for plant fertilizer.
  7. Truth-Eating Plague. Psionic insects burrow into back of throat, feed off truth. Host must make Saving Throw vs Magic whenever they speak. On fail, can speak only lies for next 1d4 hours.
  8. The Shivers. Necrotic energy saps target from within. Extremities grow brittle, all fingers/toes break off if untreated after 1d4 hours.
  9. Red Snake Disease. Evocation magic draws life energy from infected, manifests as small red garter snakes that burst free of flesh at rate of 1d4/minute.
  10. Thousand Cuts From Within. Arcane energy mingles with blood which tears at flesh from inside-out and causes immense internal bleeding.
  11. Arcane Storm Affliction. After harmless initial strike from arcane thunderstorm, energy builds up in afflicted until light pours from every orifice and sears flesh painfully.
  12. The Emerald Light. Energy cast off from magical emeralds cause afflicted to sprout crystalline growths over body. They rupture flesh and eventually obscure so much of body that afflicted cannot receive nutrients and die of thirst.
  13. Plague from the Southern Isles. Nerve endings grow hypersensitive and magical forces tug, causing afflicted to feel irresistible pull northwards. After 1d6 hours, nerves erupt from flesh and burrow into ground, rooting afflicted in place. Once dead, body mutates into humanoid plant.
  14. Crown of Glory. Divination energy manifests and dream-liquid erupts from afflicted's ears. Clings to flesh, reflecting afflicted's memories and dreams. Afflicted goes braindead in 1d6 days.
  15. Acute Summoning Sickness. Disease brought on by conjuring infected creatures. Conjurer erupts in painful boils that fill with arcane pus. Once ruptured, afflicted loses all magical abilities for 2d6 years.
  16. Mind-Spikes. Latent magic manifests in infectious disease that feeds on strong wills. Bony growths break through skull, killing afflicted before bursting and spreading contagious virus.
  17. Demonic Nosebleed. 1d4 days after summoning infected demonic entity, nosebleed begins. Lost blood is highly magical, draws powerful demonic and fae entities through the veil between worlds.
  18. The Charmed Plague. Infectious charm spell transmits between individuals, causes mild disorientation and mental dampening. Stupor lasts for 1d4 days.
  19. Spontaneous Elven Combustion. Disease only afflicts elves, spreads only when forest is too densely populated. Charred elf-corpses often become infected by burrowing beetles that feed off burnt magical flesh.
  20. Frog-Guts. Infection is only evident after death. Internal organs overcharged by transmutation magics turn into frogs, which soon burst free from corpse, leave only mangled bone and bloody smear.


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