1d100 - Magical Trinkets

Spellcasters have odd taste; their ability to enchant objects coupled with such interests often manifest bizarre belongings. Magical trinkets aimed to ease one’s workload are common, as are enchanted objects with very niche uses. Here are some objects you might find in a magician's lair.

Hugh William Williams - Goodrich Castle

Why settle for an all-purpose tool when you can create something oddly specific?

1d100 Magical Trinkets

  1. Bolts of fabric, they mimic and duplicate patterns.
  2. Elk skull with gemstone eyes, ensures that spirits summoned are among the wisest.
  3. Ceramic jar, changes sand into salt.
  4. Faerie thread, wrap it around a finger to remember glimpses of the future.
  5. Pure golden canary in a cage, memorizes and recite rituals.
  6. Cage containing an eternal cricket, detects the influence of necromancy.
  7. Pearl-rimmed glasses, protect the wearer from eye strain and visual fatigue.
  8. Crystal, can store and release 1 cubic foot of fire, water, earth or air.
  9. Broom, seeks out dust and destroys it.
  10. Tiny crystal, obscures (but does not remove) dust and stains in a room.
  11. Pelt of a werewolf, the wearer can borrow the creature’s increased senses.
  12. Powdered silver, restores food to a fresh state.
  13. Metal-sheathed vial with a needle cap, fill it with blood to know one’s karma.
  14. Obsidian candle, burns swiftly and conjures doors in solid walls.
  15. Augury bones, draw upon the life essence of the caster for accuracy. 
  16. Set of brass keys, can’t unlock anything but always detect traps inside a lock.
  17. Ring of transparent gemstone, controls a bound poltergeist.
  18. Boots, always pleasantly warm and waterproof.
  19. Deck of tarot cards, the painted figures move and speak to the user.
  20. Mole teeth amulet, when worn allows one to get a full night’s rest while sleeping on dirt.
  21. Immortal orb weaver spider, spins expensive, fine crystal webs.
  22. Broken shortsword, points to the current strongest swordsman in the world.
  23. Tongue piercing, prevents demons from detecting the wearer’s lies.
  24. Spectacles of colored glass, allow one to see lingering spirits and hidden poltergeists.
  25. Talking, sentient hat with excellent (antiquated) fashion sense.
  26. Picnic basket, keeps all food inside fresh for three times as long.
  27. Ring of stone, can light and extinguish candles from up to 30 ft away.
  28. Set of chimes, make beautiful songs on still nights.
  29. Golden skin of a serpent, enchantingly beautiful to creatures not of this world.
  30. Hawthorn wand, turns small objects ethereal for an hour.
  31. Mithril needle, twitches in the presence of a righteous, pure heart.
  32. Red ribbon, when worn it engenders trust in nature spirits.
  33. Amulet to protect against possession by spirits.
  34. Gargoyle statue, detects and disintegrate all birds within a 5 mile radius.
  35. Silver flute, summons a gremlin with a goblet of seltzer water.
  36. Animated quill, it can understand Common and Elvish and transcribes anything it hears.
  37. Bookshelves, fill themselves with illusory books.
  38. Pear tree, feeding birds the fruit allows one to inhabit their body.
  39. Red silk gloves, turn water into pure, clean blood.
  40. Ceremonial athame used to pierce spellbooks and steal their secrets from the pages.
  41. Shards of pure ice, spread them on a windowsill to bring snow or sleet.
  42. Gemstone, contains a ghost who devours books and reads them in the author’s voice.
  43. Wand of ebony, will devour low-level spell scrolls and gain charges of that spell.
  44. Strange mirror, conjures a replica of the viewer to try on clothing.
  45. Small pocketbook, when placed under a bed it records the dreams of anyone who sleeps there.
  46. Crimson robes, make the wearer appear more slim.
  47. Immortal albino rat, will eat and destroy any object given to it.
  48. Cloak made of mummy wrappings, transmutes the wearer’s curses into blessings.
  49. Compass made of bone, always points the way to nearby zones of nondetection.
  50. Discarded insect carapaces, place under a pillow to spark transformation.
  51. Palm mirror, allows you to speak with yourself from past lives.
  52. Pseudo-holy water, turns to salt when poured on a cursed object.
  53. Silver flask, refills itself with cider-scented lamp oil every day at noon.
  54. Small statuettes of faceless people, they animate to perform housework.
  55. Eight rings, each can store eight seconds of audio each and replay them.
  56. Feathers from a great bird, when waved about they allow one to see wind.
  57. Magnetic disc, slowly turns metal it touches into redwood.
  58. Cursed graveyard soil, cast in the wind to point the way to disaster.
  59. Blue lotus plant, crush and use to flavor a soup in order to increase one’s vitality.
  60. Lantern, burns with blue flames that point the way to secrets.
  61. Ring of twisted metal, buzzes when you’re about to say something ‘bad’ for the situation.
  62. Eyepatch, allows one to project their vision up to 30ft away.
  63. Spoon and ladle, will animate to stir and serve automatically.
  64. Curtains, creates an illusory window when drawn.
  65. Jar of fireflies, dispels illusions.
  66. River stones, when dropped into water turn it to whiskey.
  67. Bat in a cage, detects the movement of great nocturnal predators.
  68. Black pearl, used to forge a contract with dragons.
  69. Carved elderwood in the shape of a skull, mutters half-truths.
  70. Pair of boots, walk the wearer home if they pass out.
  71. Loafers, allow the wearer to ascend ladders without ever slipping or tiring.
  72. Mote of water, seeks out dying plants to gently douse.
  73. Glass globe, when filled with water creates illusory fish inside.
  74. Clear marbles, their presence calms the spirit and soothes the mind.
  75. Gemstone ring, can shift color and turn one’s mood from negative to positive.
  76. Hourglass, counts down the days until the next Great War.
  77. Bone shards, allow the holder to form a contract with the spirit of a slain animal.
  78. Pen that has absorbed latent knowledge from previous owners.
  79. Slim metal needle, will animate to repair lightly damaged clothing.
  80. Tiny genie in a cage, gives advice on how to word ‘Wishes’ properly.
  81. Pair of golden bells, each will ring whenever its sibling does. 
  82. Key, any lock closed with it turns invisible.
  83. Fire stolen from the ancestor spirits, objects burned are returned to the Other Realm.
  84. Nightgown, allows the wearer to turn restless sleep into lofty dreams.
  85. Large golden scale, glows hot whenever a dragon is born.
  86. Seeds that grow a hot pepper plant, its fruit tempts devils and demons alike.
  87. Pair of silver rings, bury one with a body to borrow their skills.
  88. Sentient pen, “offers” suggestions on writing.
  89. Tiny automaton, critiques its owner’s craftsmanship.
  90. Set of twenty intricate whistles, make different bird noises when blown.
  91. Bag of teeth, look like pure gold coins until 77 days after they trade hands.
  92. Golden goblet, dispenses lofty but achievable quests.
  93. Cauldron, turns water into steam.
  94. Jar of powder, instantly dries out food.
  95. Blessed charm, bestows good luck upon newborns.
  96. Headband, steals painful memories from the wearer while they sleep.
  97. Golden fishing hook, when dropped into water creates illusory bait.
  98. Bouquet of flowers, remain fresh as long as they rest upon a gravestone.
  99. Silken blanket, always displays a clear view of the night sky.
  100. Chess board, the pieces cannot be moved by except by verbal command.


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