Fishers of Men

Caspar David Friedrich - Seashore by Moonlight

Those bounty hunters come from an island off the southern expanse. It sits below sea level; the circular coastline is reinforced by huge dikes that stave off city-destroying floods.

The figures that arrive by boat are seven feet tall and wrapped in loose, tattered cloth bandages; their limbs have an extra joint and matching segment, giving their gait some extra swing. The Fishers are known in the underworld as man-catchers of the highest quality. Their tools are strange and their methods disturbing, but their results are unparalleled.

Malcontent noblemen, wicked viziers, and desperate lawmen alike gather in the ports on stormy nights, hoping to catch the Fishers as they arrive in order to bid on their services. The malformed hunters only deal in gold and steel, and their prices vary wildly depending on who your fellow bidders are. Once paid off, the Fishers invariably purchase a few of the sturdiest horses they can find and set out for their targets. Never do they hunt alone - always in pairs, if not in groups of three or four. Their tactics demand as much.


Each Fisher of Men carries the following:

1x Chained Hook
1x Red-Glass Lantern
3x Flask of Oil
2x Bag of Caltrops

The Chained Hook is considered the Fishers’ signature weapon. They wield this wicked tool with a deadly accuracy. It consists of a half-meter long metal hook similar to the miniature ones used to snag fish from the ocean. The end of the hook is attached to a long, fine chain or rope that is generally twenty to thirty feet long. The exact specifics of the weapon vary from one Fisher to another, as they tend to customize their weapons to fit individual needs.

This hook is thrown with the intention of catching humanoids in the ribs or collarbone before dragging them back to the Fisher. It is lobbed with a deceptively careful hand, and then suddenly tugged to catch prey off-guard. If it should snag flesh, the Fisher slows their jerking and then steadily retracts the tool to draw in the unfortunate prey.

In addition, each Fisher will carry an additional one or two weapons depending on their preference. Roll twice on the following table for each Fisher.

Extra Weapons - 1d20

  1. Shortsword
  2. Longsword, barbed
  3. Spear, lengthened
  4. Throwing axe
  5. Headsman’s axe
  6. Maul
  7. Bladed gauntlets
  8. Rapier
  9. Claymore
  10. Flail, two-headed
  11. Lucerne hammer
  12. Trident
  13. Throwing net
  14. Quarterstaff
  15. Shortbow & barbed arrows
  16. Longbow & heavy arrows
  17. Crossbow
  18. Shield, parma
  19. Shield, buckler
  20. Shield, heater


Fishers hunt in pairs or larger groups. They prefer to stalk at night and catch their prey whilst sleeping, if possible. One Fisher will depart from the group and circle, attempting to hook the prey from a distance. If this should fail, the rest of the hunting party will collapse and try to close off retreat. They rarely engage in direct combat, preferring to isolate targets and drag them off into the night.

All captives are brought back alive if possible. Any who are not part of the particular bounty are often ransomed, if possible, or carried back to the Fishers’ island. What occurs on that strange place is not entirely known, but rumors of slaves digging deeper beneath the sunken island have occasionally surfaced.


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