1d100 - Magical Items of Shallow d'Aramitz

Melissa by Dosso Dossi

"In her years at work for the Silver King of the northern wastes, Shallow d'Aramitz honed her craft as a magical artisan. She was a pioneer among artificers for her discovery of the Ethereal Resistance Phenomenon, known more commonly as d'Aramitz's law. Though it is far more nuanced than this humble, obscure author could ever elucidate with words, the basic tenets of this law are such that in order to create a magical item with positive and desirable traits, the negative traits must be siphoned off into another object. This is referred to more commonly as a 'cursed item.'" "These curses latch on to any being that makes use of them, and require the spells of either a witch or a cleric to remove. Some have noted that cursed items might occasionally be useful in their own right, but by and large they are considered the bane of adventurers." - High Naturalist and Dean of the Northern Scholastic League, Ibrahm Indranni

The first 50 of these are standard magical items. 51-100 are cursed, and cannot be removed without magical or divine aid. If she were able to enforce the naming convention, Shallow would insist that every item has the prefix "d'Aramitz's."

1d100 Magical Items

  1. Afterglow Spectacles
  2. Ancestral Skullservant
  3. Antifungal Robes
  4. Arrow of Displacement
  5. Artificial Brain
  6. Boomerang Gauntlet
  7. Box of Fish Smoking
  8. Bracelets of Motion Mimicry
  9. Cape of Sad Remembrance
  10. Dream-eye Ointment
  11. Facial Recognition Imp Bell
  12. Fae Mutagenic
  13. Gargoyle Earrings
  14. Glass Coffer of Miniature Storage
  15. Gloves of Mending
  16. Goblinoid Mutagenic
  17. Gold-Eater Skull
  18. Gray Charm of Bartering
  19. Heartseeking Darts
  20. Keyfinder Imp Bell
  21. Living Buckler
  22. Magnificent Folding Bed
  23. Mindswap Collar Set
  24. Mistmaker Whip
  25. Oil-'n-Whetstone Imp Bell
  26. Onyx Alarmdog
  27. Oxygen Extractor
  28. Pebble of Salty Transmutation
  29. Reshaping Rapier
  30. Ring of Dark Robes
  31. Rod of Door Sliding
  32. Rod of Door Storage
  33. Rod of Enhanced Turn Undead
  34. Rod of Rust Mephit Summoning
  35. Rune of Antimagic
  36. Rune of Teleportation Scrambling
  37. Sail of Ill Winds
  38. Shatter Cubes
  39. Silver Mugs
  40. Solvent of Disintegration
  41. Spacewalker Weavings
  42. Stonemelder Gauntlets
  43. Tallymarker Imp Bell
  44. The Black Vats of Life
  45. Timesaver's Pocket Watch
  46. Trapfinder Whistle
  47. Underlake Bottle
  48. Wand of Flesh-to-Jelly
  49. Wolfblood Cloak
  50. Wondrous Shrinking Net
  51. All-Devouring Robes
  52. Amber Spyglass
  53. Amethyst Idol
  54. Astrological Amulet
  55. Badges of False Authority
  56. Black Tome of Contact Outsider
  57. Bloodbringer Mutagenic
  58. Circlet of False Synesthesia
  59. Cloak of Holy Strength
  60. Cloak of Infinite Memories
  61. Crystal Chime of Sealing
  62. Dirge of the Thieves' Guild
  63. Eerie Token
  64. Ego Shackles
  65. Emerald Blade of Plant Growth
  66. Emerald Ring of Flight
  67. Footcrusher (Mace)
  68. Fragment-Slicer
  69. Gauntlet of Eyes
  70. Ghostly Slippers
  71. Haunted Palm Mirror
  72. Iron Ring of Heavy Legs
  73. Iron Ring of Heavy Rainfall
  74. Iron Ring of Lightning Attraction
  75. Knife of Flaying / Suffering
  76. Magical Fading Chalk
  77. Mind Numbing Tincture
  78. Mothfibre Cloak
  79. Necrotic Whip
  80. Obsidian Whip
  81. Polymorph Pills
  82. Ring of Blinding
  83. Rod of Broken Friendship
  84. Ruby Flask
  85. Rune of Spell Attraction
  86. Rune of Undead Energy
  87. Rune of Water Spirits
  88. Scepter of Consecration
  89. Shadow-Caster Lantern
  90. Silver-Eater Skull
  91. Snake Sticks
  92. Staff of Summon Monster II
  93. The Siren's Chord
  94. Thimble of Poor Manners
  95. Thought Revoker
  96. Tome of Language Swapping
  97. Torchseeker (Dagger)
  98. Wand of Molten Lights
  99. Wand of Spell Slot Implosion
  100. Wellspring Staff

Regular Item Descriptions

Afterglow Spectacles
Gentle amber glasses with a fine silver frame. They allow the user to see traces of spells that were cast within the last year. Though the lens is of amber, the colors left by spells are vivid and varied.

Ancestral Skullservant
A bleached skull with gemstones for eyes and golden teeth. When blessed with holy water at midnight, the willing spirit of one's ancestor may descend and possess the skull. They will have all knowledge they had in life and most of their personality.

Antifungal Robes
Tattered green robes with a silver cinch. Temporarily neutralizes any spores in the air. The pockets of the garment contain 1d6 well-sealed packets of lycopodium powder that re-appear at midnight.

Arrow of Displacement
A crooked arrow of birchwood, tipped with a flat cap to cause less damage. When it strikes a target, they are forcibly pulled through space in order to switch locations with the shooter.

Artificial Brain
Pinkish slime that resembles a brain. By casting spells upon it while meditating, it can store four 1st level spells and two 2nd level spells for up to a week. In addition, it understands (but cannot speak) all languages, and will cast the stored spells if commanded to do so.

Boomerang Gauntlet
A single silver gauntlet that will fit any creature's left hand. Items thrown from this hand may be commanded to return, and will do so with incredible speed, regardless of the distance. If an obstacle blocks the path, the impact is terrible.

Box of Fish Smoking
A hollow cube of cedar one foot long on any side with a latched top. When fish meat and a pinch of salt are placed within and left for four hours, the result will be delicious smoked fish.

Bracelets of Motion Mimicry
Two sets of silver bracelets with finely-wrought filigree in the shape of vines. When two individuals wear a paired set, either of the two may utter a shared command word and compel the partner to mimic their movements until said partner utters the command word to end the compulsion.

Cape of Sad Remembrance
An ebony cape, oiled against the rain. The hood is rather deep, and when pulled over one's head it murmurs any forgotten memories the user might have locked away.

Dream-eye Ointment
A vial of purple, glittering lotion. When smeared over one's eyes, the ointment allows the user to see the dreams of sleeping folk. The visions manifest, and the ointment-user is able to speak with the beings of dreams. Only contains a single portion, but replenishes itself when the waning moon vanishes.

Facial Recognition Imp Bell
An imp contained in a small golden bell. When rung, it appears. This imp instantly memorizes all faces it sees, knows if they are not the face-wearer's normal visage, and can tell the owner how many times it has seen a particular face.

Fae Mutagenic
A small crystal vial with a horrible chitinous bug at the bottom. When the bug devours a faerie, it produces a powerful serum that contains the essence of that faerie's power.

Gargoyle Earrings
This pair of stone earrings with amber settings allows the user to transform their face into a rocky, sneering mask. While wearing this disguise, they are blind except for the ability to see that which has been made invisible.

Glass Coffer of Miniature Storage
A surprisingly sturdy rectangular box made entirely of blue glass, perfectly transparent. It is roughly one foot long, half a foot tall and half a foot wide. Objects placed within shrink down to 1/10th their original size. When pulled out, they return to normal.

Gloves of Mending
Black gloves with silver trim. The left hand may 'save' an object's state, and when touched with the right hand it will 'restore' that state.

Goblinoid Mutagenic
A small gemstone vial with a horrible chitinous bug at the bottom. When the bug drinks goblinoid blood, it produces a powerful serum that temporarily transforms the imbiber into a goblinoid.

Gold-Eater Skull
A blackened skull with rubies set into the eye sockets and the teeth removed. The jaw is fixed with wires. Coins of any sort passed into the mouth disappear. Keeps a running tally of all the coinage it 'carries' and may be commanded to dispense any amount. Keeps the chatter to a minimum

Gray Charm of Bartering
A simple talisman of tattered cloth. The grey fabric carries a carefully stitched rune. When carried in a pocket, the user knows an appropriate price for any item they wish to sell or purchase.

Heartseeking Darts
Twelve steel throwing darts. When thrown at a visible target they behave as normal, but when thrown at a target that cannot be seen they will navigate around any obstacle and strike with ferocious accuracy.

Keyfinder Imp Bell
An imp contained in a small golden bell. When rung, it appears. This imp can locate the key to any lock it studies for ten minutes. However, it is not bound to give for free any key it finds while its owner is not looking.

Living Buckler
This squid-like creature can survive without food, air, or water. It wraps itself around the user's arm and holds snugly with its suckers. Strange tentacles lash out to deflect attacks, though it is shy around fire.

Magnificent Folding Bed
A simple bedroll that unfolds into a comfortable four-poster bed. The bed fits six persons of average size, and a command word causes it to roll back up. Anyone in the bed when the command word is uttered are dropped into a small pocket dimension filled with clean linens and forgotten clothing. They are released when the bedroll is deployed again.

Mindswap Collar Set
A set of iron collars, linked by small rubies set in the front. When both collars are worn around the neck, either party may initiate or end a body-swap, regardless of distance or obstacles between them.

Mistmaker Whip
Silver threads have been woven into a fine bullwhip. When the whip strikes, all water within ten feet of the impact is instantly vaporized.

Oil-'n-Whetstone Imp Bell
An imp contained in a small golden bell. When rung, it appears. This imp carries an oiled rag and trusty whetstone. It loves nothing more than to hone every blade it can, provided the owner of said blade tips at least one coin.

Onyx Alarmdog
A small, heavy lapdog made of living stone. It likes being carried in backpacks. It will bark and whine whenever anyone whose scent is unfamiliar approaches within one hundred feet.

Oxygen Extractor
A bag of four porous stones. When pulled from their pouch, the stones replace all air in a thirty foot radius with a sweet gas that suffocates any who attempt to breathe it.

Pebble of Salty Transmutation
A smooth river stone that turns all water it touches into salt.

Reshaping Blade
This silver longsword pierces as a normal, but anything sliced by the blade repairs itself after six seconds. Oftentimes it is not a perfect fix, and the scars left by such a strike are gruesome to behold. Blows that displace vital organs are fatal, and oftentimes disturbing.

Ring of Dark Robes
Silver twisted to form an odd band. When the user is wearing nothing else, the ring causes the illusion of hooded black robes to appear. Deep folds in the robes will hold items, which are safely stored in a pocket dimension when the otherwise illusory robes are not present.

Rod of Door Sliding
Three rods of wrought brass twist to form this magic rod. Any door that it touches may be 'dragged' along the door's original wall.

Rod of Door Storage
Two rods of wrought brass twist to form this magic rod. Any door that it touches will vanish from existence until the rod stores another door, at which point the previous 'victim' reappears.

Rod of Enhanced Turn Undead
A single rod of wrought brass. When wielded by someone with the ability to turn undead, it amplifies this power into a single burst of concentrated light. This will obliterate a single undead that would otherwise be turned.

Rod of Rust Mephit Summoning
A rod of wrought brass that splits at the end, forming what look to be seven tentacles. It conjures a Rust Mephit that will obliterate a single metal object on command in exchange for two iron coins.

Rune of Antimagic
d'Aramitz's Rune of Antimagic is carefully etched into a golden coin. This coin projects a sphere one foot in diameter that nullifies all magic and magical effects.

Rune of Teleportation Scrambling
d'Aramitz's Rune of Teleportation Scrambling is carefully etched into a silver coin. This coin projects a sphere ten miles in diameter that prevents any magic that would alter the spatial location of an object - it intercepts the spell and randomizes the result to another 'viable' location in the sphere.

Sail of Ill Winds
Stained and patched cloth that 'stores' the good luck of its owner. While held in any fashion, the owner will have poor luck until the sail is invoked. Once called upon, the sail fortifies the owner's fortune for as many times as it deprived them of it.

Shatter Cubes
Fragile glass cubes one inch on any side. When thrown, they will unleash terrible kinetic force upon any object - enough to break limbs or knock down wooden doors. The bag contains 2d6 cubes that will not replenish.

Silver Mugs
Four mugs made of thin steel with intricate silver inlay. Any water poured into the mugs is made safe to drink, and tastes to the drinker like a fruity and alcoholic beverage.

Solvent of Disintegration
A ruby flask that contains four doses of liquid. When a metal object is placed into a dose, it swiftly melts down and sheds any impurities, leaving behind only pure metals. It can only be replenished by filling it with the user's blood.

Spacewalker Weavings
This pair of black and green silks must be wrapped carefully around the user's bare legs. Once secured, they may freely traverse the boundaries between various worlds that exist in tandem. Sometimes it appears as though the user is making short jumps through space and rime. Other times, it appears as if they disappear for short bursts and reappear looking different.

Stonemelder Gauntlets
Heavy gauntlets made of black iron. The user may reach into natural stone as if it were wet clay and shape it as they please. Worked stone is more difficult, but may still be gently manipulated given ten minutes or so.

Tallymarker Imp Bell
An imp contained in a small golden bell. When rung, it appears. This imp sits upon the user's shoulder. When asked, it will keep careful and painfully precise numerical records of whatever the user bids. It demands payment in fish.

The Black Vats of Life
Ten-foot tall containers made of cunningly worked alloys and filled with an odd, green-tinged alchemical substrate. Any creature's DNA deposited into the vats will trigger the growth of a perfect replica of that creature.

Timesaver's Pocket Watch
Finely-worked silver and copper gears form a pocket watch that does not keep accurate time. When the clasp is opened, time for the user seems to slow down to half speed until it is closed, at which point that time 'catches up' and the user moves at half speed until all time is accounted for.

Trapfinder Whistle
An odd whistle that calls a chitinous creature from the ether. It will seek out traps in exchange for gold pieces. The rate is negotiated based on the owner's current net worth, according to the creature's otherworldly economy.

Underlake Bottle
A tall flask of diamond. When the water from any natural source is poured from the bottle, it will create a magically-sealed portal to the bottom of that water source for 1d4 hours.

Wand of Flesh-to-Jelly
Twisted oak wood makes up this strange wand. When activated, all flesh within a one foot diameter circle originating from the tip of the wand is rendered completely boneless.

Wolfblood Cloak
A pitch-black cloak with silver threadwork resembling wolf's fur. When the user meditates while wearing the cloak, they may possess any wolf or sufficiently feral dog within a twelve mile radius for up to twenty-four hours.

Wondrous Shrinking Net
Carefully woven silver threads form a surprisingly hefty net. Any living creature snared within is reduced to 1/4th their original size until they are untangled from the net.

Cursed Item Descriptions

All-Devouring Robes
Gray and red robes with threadwork made to resemble teeth and mouths around all of the openings. The wrists often stretch until they extend past the user's hand, and the robe will attempt to devour any objects it deems valuable, obliterating them completely.

Amber Spyglass
A steel spyglass with amber lenses. It allows the user to see through time and space to any desired location, though it often omits crucial information or adds illusory details to trick the user.

Amethyst Idol
Cut from a single, huge gemstone, this small idol of a laughing child will attempt to escape from its owner while they sleep and hide somewhere nearby. If found within twenty-four hours, it will conjure a small amethyst gemstone worth a tidy amount. If not found, it will attempt to bludgeon the owner or one of their companions to death at some inopportune moment.

Astrological Amulet
A glass amulet carefully cut to mimic a constellation. While this constellation is in the sky, the user requires no sleep. If they should ever look upwards and spot that constellation, something in the cosmos will swap bodies with them.

Badges of False Authority
Copper insignias of some rank. They cause the user to appear 'official' to any who spot them. Failing to act in a manner befitting the imitated office causes a painful branding to appear somewhere on their body. After seven such brandings, that body is considered property of a lesser devil.

Black Tome of Contact Outsider
Leather bound and wrapped in black cloth, this tome contains seven rituals to contact beings from another plane. Once opened, the user must either perform one of the rituals or exchange places with one of the creatures trapped in the book's demiplane.

Bloodbringer Mutagenic
A small stone vial with a horrible chitinous bug at the bottom. When the bug drinks the blood of someone who has committed murder in cold blood, it produces a single black gemstone. When that person dies, their soul is trapped inside of the gemstone.

Circlet of False Synesthesia
A band of twisted silver and brass. When worn, the user can taste magic in the air, smell lies when they are spoken, and hear the vibrations of enchantments. This cannot be prevented, resulting in the slow degeneration of sanity.

Cloak of Holy Strength
Black and crimson, this cloak contains holy images sewn with care into various spots. It gifts the user with powers of regeneration, though every time this is used the cloak will slowly leech away memories and personality until the host is a mindless husk that exists to seek out evil and destroy it.

Cloak of Infinite Memories
White and crimson, this cloak passively attracts the souls of those unable to enter the afterlife for various crimes. Glimmers of lost skills and knowledge along with terrible deeds will occasionally flit through the user's mind.

Crystal Chime of Sealing
A delicate bell of silver and crystal. When rung, an imp that lives in the bell will appear, lock something, and then demand however much it thinks it can get away with. If the owner refuses to pay, the imp will extract revenge with utter spite.

Dirge of the Thieves' Guild
A small slip of paper that contains a simple song. Singing it will inflict crushing guilt on anyone who has committed what they consider to be a crime within the last seven days.

Eerie Token
This wooden icon has been carved to resemble a smirking elf. On occasion it will quietly whisper a challenge to someone nearby; if they betray someone close to them, the token will grant them a lesser bit of power.

Ego Shackles
Silver and iron manacles. When worn, the user loses all motivation and enters a seemingly emotionless depression.

Emerald Blade of Plant Growth
A jagged sword with emerald teeth forming the gnashing edge. Whenever it inflicts a wound, plants sprout from the damage. If the user is cut while wielding the blade, lichen grows from the wound. It stops any bleeding, but saps the user's stamina.

Emerald Ring of Flight
Golden ring with a single emerald setting. It can be activated to teleport the user 2d20 feet in the air.

Footcrusher (Mace)
Solid black metal forms a smooth, heavy mace. It cannot deal damage, but blows to the leg or foot regions will break bones and immobilize targets.

Solid black metal forms a long, wicked estoc. It cannot deal damage, but any time its tip comes into contact with a broken object, it shatters the object into countless tiny fragments.

Gauntlet of Eyes
A simple leather and steel gauntlet that adjusts to fit anyone's right hand. By touching one's face, the user of this glove may painlessly remove their eyes and transplant them onto any other object, or place them back on their face. Occasionally fails to retrieve eyes, or creates new ones.

Ghostly Slippers
A pair of soft silk slippers made of some translucent material. Whenever the user walks over a plot of land where a body rests, that ghost will appear and follow for twenty-four hours, demanding conversation.

Haunted Palm Mirror
A simple mirror of polished steel, except that it reflects the user as well as a lesser devil that offers fashion advice. If the user does not respond to the advice, the devil may force them to perform a simple task.

Iron Ring of Heavy Legs
This simple iron band adjusts to fit the user's finger snugly. Whenever they attempt to swiftly dodge, the ring roots them in place and prevents them from being moved by any force.

Iron Ring of Heavy Rainfall
This simple iron band adjusts to fit the user's finger snugly. Whenever clouds form overhead, they will always linger and wait until they have stored up a terrible storm. The deluges caused by this ring can wash away entire villages.

Iron Ring of Lightning Attraction
This simple iron band adjusts to fit the user's finger snugly. The ring will draw any bolt of electricity within one hundred feet, and then redirect it at random. Half of the time, it is at the ring's user.

Knife of Flaying / Suffering
Bone and wood have been used to create a wicked, blunt knife. Any damage it inflicts is mirrored on the user. It can flay a target alive without killing them, but will also remove the user's flesh with each cut as well.

Magical Fading Chalk
A simple box of chalk that can be used to leaving faintly glowing marks that disappear after 1d4 hours. The dust from any drawing always appears in the user's pack at midnight.

Mind Numbing Tincture
This oddly-shaped glass flask appears to be a healing potion. Any imbiber is fully healed, but also placed under a deep sleep for precisely seven hours. When they awake they have no recollection of what happened, though they will always bring some item back with them from that dream-world.

Mothfibre Cloak
The tattered silk that makes up this beautiful cloak resemble the dusty wings of a moth in flight. The user can hover silently and will never incur any damage from falling, but will be drawn towards fire without fail unless someone can rouse them from the death-trance.

Necrotic Whip
Golden threads have been woven to make this intricate and beautiful whip. Though it delivers deadly blows, the user cannot help but feel that a manifestation of Death knows when the whip is used, and seeks it.

Obsidian Whip
Obsidian segments makes up this strange whip. It is brittle enough that when it strikes the entire whip will shatter and cause jagged shards to wreak terrible lacerations. It reforms at the user's command, draining their blood to reforge the pieces.

Polymorph Pills
A small pack of 2d6 pills that allow the user to transform for an hour into any person they can see when they imbibe a pill. There is a 10% chance the transformation is permanent. Overdose is fatal.

Ring of Blinding
Golden threads woven into a flexible ring. When worn, the user's sight fades into a soft white nothingness. If the user points at another figure, they are also rendered blind, except that both the ring-bearer and the new victim can see one another in that white expanse.

Rod of Broken Friendship
Splintered birch wood wrapped with silver thread forms this rod. When held, any agreement the user has made in the past is rendered null and void, and anyone they meet will have a suspicion that they cannot be trusted.

Ruby Flask
A beautiful flask carved from a single ruby. Any liquid held within is turned into a very weak healing potion. Overdosing on this potion will draw forth an eidolon that embodies magical healing.

Rune of Spell Attraction
d'Aramitz's Rune of Spell Attraction is carefully etched into a golden coin. All spells cast within twenty feet of this rune will attempt to redirect themselves towards the bearer of this rune.

Rune of Undead Energy
d'Aramitz's Rune of Undead Energy is carefully etched into a golden coin. The bearer of this rune cannot be healed by magical means. While holding this rune, corpses will speak and lingering shades will offer advice.

Rune of Water Spirits
d'Aramitz's Rune of Water Spirits is carefully etched into a golden coin. The bearer of this rune will attract the attention of all water spirits - benevolent or otherwise - though they will be protected from any direct action by said spirits.

Scepter of Consecration
Strangely ornate, this scepter has the ability to consecrate water and grave dirt rendering them holy. This blessing lacks any divine authority however, and should anyone doubt its efficacy it will instead create unholy water and cursed grave dirt.

Shadow-Caster Lantern
Black iron is twisted into a candle lantern that will never extinguish or run out. The shadows cast by the warped cage appear to be writhing figures trapped in the fire. If spoken to, the figures can escape.

Silver-Eater Skull
A blackened skull with sapphires set into the eye sockets and teeth removed. The jaw is fixed with wires. Any coins pass through its mouth will disappear. The skull will make as much noise as possible if it feels as though it is not being fed. When appeased, the skull can use its magical eyesight to detect illusions.

Snake Sticks
A large staff made of pine. It resembles a venomous snake. When thrown, will transform into a snake and attack. If the user uses it to ward off a blow, the snake hiss in pain and attempt to bite anyone within range of its fangs.

Staff of Summon Monster II
Simple and sturdy, this staff contains latent energy that once summoned a great beast into the world. It can still summon forth shadow goblins, but the staff subtly attracts powerful monsters so that it can bathe in their essence and recharge.

The Siren's Chord
Gentle on the ears, melodies played on this silver-stringed harp have a mind-altering effect on listeners. Listening for ten minutes has the same effect as drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The one who plays the music is similarly influenced, though they have a far greater chance of becoming addicted.

Thimble of Poor Manners
This protective thimble protects the user from small cuts and bruises when worn. It also causes the user to forget basic social etiquette.

Thought Revoker
A wand of pitch-black ebony. When used, it sends out a lance of energy that can obliterate the last ten minutes of someone's memory. In order to power this effect, it also destroys a day of the wielder's earliest memories in a rather subtle manner.

Tome of Language Swapping
This book promises an easy way to learn any language in a single day. When studied for a day, the reader learns a language as promised, but forgets a previously known language at random. The book requires a year to recharge.

Torchseeker (Dagger)
A small dagger of gleaming silver with a sapphire set in the hilt. When brandished, all sources of light within a sixty-foot radius dim and eventually extinguish within ten minutes.

Wand of Molten Lights
This small branch of obsidian glimmers with an inner heat. When brandished, the wand may suspend orbs of molten color in the air. They act as a stationary torch for one hour. After an hour is up, they disappear, leaving behind living darkness.

Wand of Spell Slot Implosion
A dangerous wand of splintered birch wood and silver wire. Only a spellcaster with unused spell slots may use this wand. It draws upon the spell slots to create raw energy that the user may harness. The process is highly addicting, and overuse can be deadly.

Wellspring Staff
Withered branches have been bound tightly to a core of willow. The staff will call forth water from stone in the form of a permanent spring. Occasionally, it will also alert the angry spirits of stone and water of the staff's presence.


  1. Some inspired, thought provoking items! I think these would generate some great in game moments and encourage player creativity without being over powered.


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