The Scorched Coast

The Scorched Coast

The Scorched Coast

Life in the Scorched Coast has risen from the ashes of the Great Burn. Its form is odd and twisted: scrappy human survivors and those who became something more or less, archaoetech wizards, relic-intelligences, and slumbering powers unimaginable. Now they scour the desert dust for treasures of a bygone era.

Map of the Scorched Coast

Hex Descriptions

⇖ ⇙ ⇗

A gazebo, painted white and red.

⇖ ⇙

A hidden hole in the ground will reveal a hidden underground alcove. Within the hole will be several trees that do not need sunlight and give peach fruit.

⇖ ⇙

The fossilized remains of a unicorn are fused with the rocks here.

⇖ ⇙

10' wide pit. Does not have a bottom.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0109

Village with high tendency of mutants. Still valuable because of deep-ground spring. Occasional outbreak of zombies and sentient corn.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0208, 0310, 0512

A dragon, with a heart of nuclear fire, fell from the stars here and turn this reas and the lands near it into wastes. It now recovers inside the ruins of an enormous tower of stone and metal. Pilgrims from RADIO CITY and GREENSPRING leave offerings and worship the dragon.

⇖ ⇙

Radiation Zombies shamble around, they are different from normal zombies, Can't be turned.

⇖ ⇙

A gigantic meteor with a huge deposit of iron is mined by mutants. Its crater is massive and its arrival brought earthquakes.

⇖ ⇙

See: 0820

A tribe of wandering Tricerions (upright, true-sized, anthropomorphic Triceratops) are encamped here for the week, and will soon embark on their nesting journey to 0820. They wield stone tools and can breath fire.

⇖ ⇙

A market place ruled by the ancient ice drinking dispenser, who found out its ability to make corrosive Oozes of several different tastes. Every other appliance in the store is terrified of it.

⇖ ⇙

An abandoned hut with odd totems and parchments with dried herbs hanging from the ceiling.

⇖ ⇙

There seems to be a several high tech cannons pointing to the sky, they seem to be non functional.

A band of wild horses makes this place their home.

Sun-baked ruins of an ancient metropolis of stone and metal towers, inhabited by scavenger orcs led by a powerful psion. They will trade only with those who bear their "symbol of friendship" (a piston carved to look like a skull), selling them relics for food and water.

City outskirts. Home to The Witness, a now-retired former second-in-command to the psion in THUNDER CITY, though he is sometimes called back into action. Thunder City Orcs sometimes paint themselves silver in emulation of this warrior.

A strange masked man of elongated limbs protects a fire that never seems to go out. His ruby-like glistening pupils always look at the party, independent of their position. If left alone, he gives the party a thumbs up.

A small village where they settle all disputes on the Thunderstone. They play an ancient children's card game on a mostly flat stone. Two men enter, one man dies.

An intelligent, alien pseudodragon with a nuclear-flame heart lairs here, envious of the true ATOMIC DRAGON.

12 Mountain Men are known to travel to this area, dressed in simple garb and wielding clubs/hammers.

The waters of this oasis, while cool and refreshing, may cause mutations if they are consumed more than once per day. A tribe of Palm Trees looking over a small village of mutant farmers that tend to them, aling with groves of fig and olive trees.

This area and 1420 are the exact same place. There is a 50% chance that anyone traveling through these hexes come out the equivalent boarder on the other part of the map.

See: 0711

An ancient pyramid of the era before, with only one living inhabitant, FROSTBITE, a scientist supreme who escaped defeat with a bunch of his minions. Right now he is in waiting, hoping to restore his army of melting ice constructs.

A large pile of stones sit at the end of the highway. If you squeeze them, they ooze blood. The COUNTACHS OF LAMBO hunt down any who take them without first winning them in a race.

A lush green island that floats in the air. Anyone who lays there may be enchanted and will not want to leave.

Among the ruins of a wizard's tower are many large reptilian footprints and a standing archway with a portal leading to Torsh (location R). Read More

Protoplasmic ooze hides inside these ruins.

A small base of mutants, protecting the highway. They tax anyone not devoted to the ATOMIC DRAGON if they want to cross the highway.

A roadside truck stop has been converted into an inn. A nice little comfy place to stay for a night or two.

During the day, a lifelike oasis mirage can be seen for miles. There is a 4/6 chance that travelers aiming to reach the MUTATING OASIS end up moving in the direction of this hex instead.

Bands of nomads gather here every full moon for the "Festival of Stopping" around the stop sign. Festivities are held and pacts are made.

An giant high tech metal windmill is here. It is still working.

Hidden in the rocks, the entrance to a cave filled with ice and salt is jealously guarded by a four-armed man serpent. He charges a hefty price for his goods.

Farmlands formerly belonging to the denizens of BELL CITY, abandoned because of dead soil and an infestation of rhinopedes.

A small community has formed around a surviving dining hall of the old world. Residents work the land to try to make the full menu available.

Crumbling remnants of a highway overpass create an arching bridge down into wastelands of 0310. Giant sandworm makes lair at the base of the overpass.

Cannibal Halflings roam these woods, unable to find their sustenance of five meals per day otherwise. They will see the PCs as a potential meal.

A single gravestone with a key engraved into the center of it is buried here.

An old gigantic indoor marketplace with everything. Images of the past world, usually comedic. Protected by segway hydras made of flesh and metal. If you take items without first giving them specific green papers they will attack.

Cave filled with statues of varying quality; home to an aspiring sculptor medusa and her friend/agent, a blind elf who will pay for quality stone. Her works are accused of being petrified people; 1/6 sculptures are petrified, but they will be honest if questioned.

A deep, glowing crater several miles in circumference dominates this area. When the sun is high overhead, passerby can see more than just their reflections in the protruding glass-like shards.

Ruins of the town of Agua Fria, its well still cold and fresh. Haunted by the ghost of Tejas Red, he shoots anyone in town from 11am to Noon everyday.

HQ of the Sons of Belmont MC, a leather wearing, silver chain whip wielding gang who ride mechanical steeds powered by holy water are based out of the ruins of an old cathedral. They vow to hunt the Countachs of Lambo.

A settlement of mutants live here, most of them Worshipers of the ATOMIC DRAGON. They protect the access to the highway, which is the safest way to travel to the atomic heart. If a random encounter result is non-flying, ignore it.

This old observatory is used as temporary shelter by nomads. YORMITES have been spotted here, the reason for their presence is unknown. The equipment of the observatory is surprisingly still functional.

Forest of chalk white trees look like clouds dripping down to the sand. After 6 hours in this area, they start hearing voices of their fallen friends. Hallucinations worsen every 6 hours. 1/6 of failing to leave the forest, +1 for subsequent 6 hours.

Humans of this town live off the forest of 0516 and 0617 and also hunt the CANNIBAL HALFLINGS. They hold a grudge with the folks of 0918, refusing to trade with them and plotting their demise. They hate mutants. Excellent cache of weapons.

Ancient Ruins, The Baja Blaster is often seen coming and going with supplies for BELL CITY. No one else who has entered has returned.

A two headed cyclops (right head claims that makes it a Biclops) lives here. The right head is named Proton, and the left Electron, they spend 66% of the time hunting in neighboring hexes and 100% bickering with each other.

Small dungeon where ant-people live.

Mutated nomads make their camp here to trade with the ant-people. YORMITES will appear here from time to time, interested in the Ant-people.

Veins of rock salt just below the surface. 2/6 chance that there will be salt miners there.

Gibbets sway in a dry wind. Sun-bleached bones are scattered on the dead earth. Metal cages stand open, a few trinkets left behind.

A vault that long ago belonged to an elvish automaton creator long. He hid himself to get away from his annoying family and people trying to kill him. After his death, the mushrooms he grew inside the vault have become partially sentient.

A small metallic corner pokes out from beneath the dunes. Excavation reveals a delicate latticework structure similar to a coffin, cold to the touch. Inside can be seen an elven woman clasping a small device. It is unclear if she is dead or asleep. Read More

The Countachs of Lambo stalk this region of the desert at night, racing blood-fueled demon-machines in screaming neon blurs. During the day they rest underground in mausoleums. Each engine is a work of demonic art.

8 bandits in a dune boat. 7 of them are young and taking the boat for the first ride, one of them is a day away from retirement.

Happy little town. Markets, farms, and relic traders. Sage leader who knows many secrets of The Scorched Coast.

Oasis filled with rainbow-coloured water surrounded by twisted fruit-bearing killer plants. Fruit/water causes mutations with extended exposure or consumption; drowned mutant with d6 pieces of jewelry in water.

A former apprentice of FROSTBITE has set up a stand selling sugary semi-frozen drinks in this area.

A tomb complex which holds the body of the Notorious False King.

The hideout for a gang of thugs who assault travelers. They pretend to be guides, and will work in that capacity for their victims until camp, when they attack their clients.

At night, a YORMITE spire rises from the sand. When a Yormite Difference-Gauntlet touches the spire, they (and anything touching them) are teleported to the identical YORMITE TELEPORTER NORTH.

Wreck of a legendary metal flying beast "7777" painted on it is sinking into the sands. Seven floor dungeon full of zombies, radiation, and old world tech and scrap. Every hour they PCs are inside there is a 2/6 chance of it sinking.

The old road terminates here, swallowed by a great stone mouth that reveals a concrete tomb. Ancient coffins of the COUNTACHS OF LAMBO can be found in the lower layers, and murals on the walls depict strange and fascinating vistas.

A strange tilted building juts out of the hills at an angle, as if the whole thing was displaced and dropped here. Strange devices like metal crossbows that grow hot to the touch and fire solid flames can be found in its depths. Read More

Vast nothingness, sometimes revealed by the shifting dunes is a stone peak. Inside is B4 The Lost City. The Sage in Finger Point knows of this pyramid. Read More

A crashed dune boat. No tripulation.

The Garuda live here. On this eyrie atop the highest peak nearest the volcano will be found the Garuda, griffin-like creatures who stand upright and brandish medieval weaponry and barding as well as codes and customs.

Nestled in a ravine is a meager mountain spring. Bubbling water nourishes some plant life. Mutant catfish lurk in the muddy pond.

Dry well, inside is a hidden vault with unexplained magics. It is under the control of a mind made entirely of machine. The Mind of Machine has identified the inhabitants of pillar in 0819 as a threat and is attempting to assemble something to destroy it.

See: 0112

The eggs of the TRICERIONS are hidden here. There is a 1/6 chance of finding the eggs when actively searched for. If poached, there is a 3/6 chance the Tricerions will trace and hunt the poachers.

See: 1101

Oil wells dot the landscape. Most are dry but 1/6 will spew something when activated by a wheel of pain. Roll d4: 1 oil and sand globs, 2 blood that congeals in the air, 3 opalescent fluid that smells of ozone, or 4 hydrofluoric acid.

Operational military base. Friendly soldiers speak of things that do not exist. At night, no soldiers - only undead working for COUNTACHS OF LAMBO. The soldiers and undead do not know of each other.

Clan of albino pig-people live in the ruins of the tunnels and sewers of a city long swallowed up by the sands. They trade water and old world artifacts for mushrooms and slaves.

A small Stronghold of people who talk strangely. Atop the stronghold wall they say they have what you need, but they don't want to give it. If asked about it they will insult you.

Metal birds with swirling wings pick over the area hunting for artifacts, returning them to the MACHINE MIND.

A COUNTACHS OF LAMBO has been captured by the SONS OF BELMONT and tied to a cross - he'll live until noon, at which he turns to ash. He knows the location of a treasure stash that he will use as a bargaining chip to have the PCs to untie him.

Small bands of nomads come here to gather obsidian for tools, weapons, and jewelry. They rest at a small mud hovel hamlet that is abandoned most of the year. Molemen come out at night to gather the obsidian and other igneous rocks from the volcano.

Some hill giants make their home here. They are sensitive about the environment.

An Esoteric Sorority live in the decayed palaces. Only the truly desperate seek their help. Lost treasure hoard both sacred and infernal. The Sisters have a rivalry with the INVERTED LIBRARY TOWER. Will trade lost lore for LASER BOOKS. Read More

Two women discuss whether an illustration of a dress is colored blue or white. If uninterrupted, they will eventually attempt to murder each other.

A small camp of fire porcupines live here, they are dangerous and libertarian. Any kind of interaction is a violation of the NAP.

The mother of all sand worms lives in this inactive volcano.

Secret alien lair. Their intentions are not understandable.

Mutated Nomads in mud hovels seek out trade. If the PCs do not respond to their esoteric cultural customs, they will turn hostile. They speak of a haunted palace that leads into the underworld. The palace will break the sanity of those who enter.

A stranded member of THE COUNTACH OF LAMBO lurks here at night. He dwells in his fuelless demon-cart during the day. He will offer a reward to any that will retrieve some fuel from 0901.

Zombies roam the area, usually at night.

Goblin spies from the tower of LASER BOOKS, stacked up inside a single long coat so as to appear as a single individual. They speak fluent Common.

Some dwarves live in a hidden hole in the ground. After years of social engineering they have come to like the rumbling metal mounts of the previous era, and sometimes leave to show off their skills.

This place looks mostly empty, but in the bowels of the earth resides an ancient lab created only to make bioweapons. One has been sleeping for centuries, the Teletransmitted Mutant Neuroactive Tyrannosaurus (or TMNT for short). Read More

This vast field of lava sometimes cools, especially after a storm. LAVA-IMMUNE ELVES sometimes race across the solid lava to pick rare berries that don't grow anywhere else.

Small stone shack near edge of Lava Fields in 1013. Dozen Lava-immune Elves attempt to grow in population.

Town run and populated by human-octopus hybrids called octomen that have bred in secret and made their way to the mainland. They are bad at agriculture. They come from the ABYSSIA. Read More

Pterosaurs nest among the mountain cliffs collecting gems and bright baubles. 30% of the adults are fitted with a metal collar etched with runes in a long-dead language; deciphering the runes indicates the coordinates of the ANCIENT LAB.

An overgrown greenhouse is tucked away in these hills.

Descendants of ancient Magineers and Elves from the old era have a settlement here. Some of their ancient knowledge is intact. They are in constant threat of the Goblins in LASER BOOK Tower, who attack them for gold, food, and science (kidnappings).

Merchant caravans traveling to NEWTON. Rumor is travelers fall prey to the undead. In fact, they are haywire automatons that rest in the day to gain power from the sun.

Tavern made of the wreckage of a ship that sailed the stars called The Cider Press. Ran by its old captain and his illusory wife. They tell of a shooting star that crashed in 1305. Caravans from NEWTON stop here on their way to HIDDEN VILLAGE.

Under a fungus-shaped rock is the lair of a creature that seems to be made entirely of human hands. Cut off one of its hands and two will grow in its place. It will never take hostile action. Probably a good source of emergency rations.

A hidden vault, it has hidden collectibles, like 100 bottle caps, different types of bottles, some posters, some comic books.

At night, a YORMITE spire rises from the sand. When a Yormite Difference-Gauntlet touches the spire, they (and anything touching them) are teleported to the identical YORMITE TELEPORTER SOUTH.

At any time d4 YORMITE slavers and 2d6 Yormite Automata may be observed here. There will be numerous cages and captives here as they prepare to travel back home.

Silane Serpent territory (as bulette made of glass). Known problem for the folks of OCTOWN.

Merchant caravans come through here to (attempt to) trade with the talking animals of 1218 and 1219.

Talking reptiles and mammals are here. Most of them are territorial.

See: 1217

Talking snakes inhabit this area. They have guns, and have ways to shoot them.

Blue flowers with star shaped tops grow here. They turn black at night.

Two vampire COUNTACHS OF LAMBO (holding parasols during the day) dispute the particulars of a crash. Their smoking, burnt-out demon stagecoaches are nearby, and they will rope the PCs into their arguments.

Jutting out just past a mountain summit is a dull, dust-coloured slab. Climbing up the mountain will reveal a vast structure of twisted and bent metal, which contains S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. Read More

A crashed ship that once sailed the stars, in the shape of a saucer is hidden beneath the sands. Grey aliens with advanced technology lie dead inside as their automatons guard the wreckage.

Neanderthals live here and have made an agreement with the YORMITE, they give captives in exchange for alien goods. 2d4 Yormites and 4d4 Yormite Automatons may be observed here at any time.

A YORMITE and d6 Yormite Automatons lead a caravan of alien technology to the NEANDERTHAL LAIR. The Yormites will threaten PCs who approach too closely with a strange weapon. Read More

A Yormite and d6 Yormite Automatons lead a caravan of slaves back to the YORMITE city. They will make threatening gestures with a strange weapon at PCs who approach too closely.

The coyotes in this area have the ability to talk.

An outpost owned and controlled by MASKETTA Man soldiers. Plethora of traders, craftsmen, etc, who pay a fee to the Masketta Men in exchange to stay near the oasis. Some are working off debts that increase at a rate unrepayable.

This lake always seems to have large schools of edible fish.

Cave formation called The Hourglass. Read More

City with spires of metal and domes of glass grown organically into alien shapes, signifying the domain of The Yormites, enigmatic, hostile robed beings. Captives/purchased slaves go into the domes, but only more robed Yormites are seen exiting.

An old unmanned resort in disarray.

Massive nuclear sub beached on the sands here. The inhabitants believe (due to damaged controls) that everything outside the sub is underwater and cannot be told otherwise. Offer old era tech for fetch quests.

See: 0217

This area and 0217 are the exact same place. There is a 50% chance that anyone traveling through these hexes come out the equivalent boarder on the other part of the map.

Atop the Pit of Harkann lies a jagged, wheeled metal structure. Lightning sparks along vast cables leading from the apparatus into the INVERTED LIBRARY TOWER. A rope bridge offers entry into the structure, guarded by 6 Copper Warriors.

Harpies will attack people who travel through this and the surrounding area, especially at 1606.

Eight legged spider goats roam this rocky mountain. Their horns are believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac (100gp per horn).

A mermaid skeleton lies in a sea cave surrounded by junk. 2d100gp worth of silverware.

A automaton lives in a lighthouse, and keeps it working. That is its purpose. It is depressed.

A monolithic tower holding rare arcane tools of mass destruction: Laser Books. The goblin tribe Krakka Hadin-Akul-Jakar-Haran-el-Derif, ran by the Lord of the Tower, constantly raid the lands nearby. They are preparing an assault on the settlement in 1202 using arcane technology.

A small village of halflings live here, they are a bit more civilized than their CANNIBAL HALFLINGS cousins. They sometimes steal orphans thinking they are halflings. They pray to a giant sentient rock, but they don't let the unworthy speak with it.

A narrow mountain pass here connects 1506 and 1707. A statue at the midpoint that was once roughly 15' tall has partially collapsed. The damaged base reads: "Let no mo-nt-in se--- my p--pl-"

A large black monolith that appears to be made of solidified ice that never melts due to the sun's heat has an ever-shifting shadow moving around it that prevents the heat from touching any and all who shelter here.

An offshore deep sea mining facility. Occupied by the [[Yormites]. d3 Yormites and 3d8 Automatons will be present at any time.

A town of skeletons, created by the Lord of LASER BOOK tower, harvests agave plants and supplies the Lord with liquor. They rarely have to work due to the nature of their crop and their lack of need for food or drink.

Every full moon the lobster-people (as fighter 4 w/ extra grab attack) hold their wrestling festival. Losers are purged - boiled alive. Read More

Old lighthouse towards the sea. Operated by a brain in a jar that seeks a mechanical body. The brain will also give rewards for information about the current day, since it has been confined for so long, especially the creatures it sees in 1908.

An old hermit lives alone on an a ship that is almost as old as him. He will happily share his catch of the day in exchange for stories of adventure. His fishing pole is well cared for and of high quality, he has nothing else of value.

A rare breed of bird with exceptionally bright and colorful feathers roosts here during the winter months. The feathers are worth a great deal to the right buyer. The birds fight as HD 3 creatures with AC as Leather and Shield.

A creature with, a thick, slimy shell, and two eyes. [MV 0', AC Plate+Shield, HD 99, -10 Penalty on attacks against it.] It makes sounds of utter pain and misery that are heard across the whole island, but it has no mouth. Grants a wish if killed.

Kelp forest. Hidden within the forest is a very rare kind of starfish. Eating a soup made with one of its arms will restore any lost limb. Koa-Toa hold this starfish as being extremely sacred.

This is the site of a large garbage dump.

A line of standing stones that have strange markings placed upon them. No one in The Scorched Coast has knowledge of the symbols.

This once-small camp site has accidentally become permanent. Everyone has their own reason for staying, but none of them are happy about it.

3d6 psi-porpoises, they plan to create a bubble of water and move off world.

A mimic pretending to be a rowboat with a sailor and chest of treasure.

Hulking structures made up of loops and circuits of painted steel tower over natural rock formations. Between them are ruins of buildings in a vast array of architectural styles. Some nights, strange music seems to spring from the ground itself. Read More

The sunken portions of structures from 1814, stripped and scavenged for parts by the octomen of ABYSSIA. The home of a lone, paranoid, water-breathing alien with a strange gun.

An night, the strait glows green and sailors above are dragged into the depths. The oceanic bottom holds the underwater fortress city Abyssia, home of the octomen. They worship an eldritch god and protect their ancient treasure, The Pearl of Eternity, with advanced weapons.

A small band of bat-people hide and prepare a revolution against the MASKETTA Man.

The large city of Kallitin is the operated by the Masketta Man, a warrior with a thirst for conquest. He is said to follow a higher order but few believe that. People only started to care when he put on the mask.

A beached sea turtle beach so large is breaks the horizon at a distance, mounted with six naval cannons. I has a symbiotic relationship with a town inside. Town establishing trade link with settlement in MASKETTA Man's city.

An iron tube rises from the sand, four feet in diameter. Rungs serve as a ladder, and the top is sealed with a sturdy hatch and a malfunctioning biometric scanner. Inside is an underground facility full of marine biology research materials.

⇗ ⇘

A black oil slick locked in place by dominant currents. A metal platform ruined by rust sits in the middle of the oil, surrounded by rickety boats tied together in a semi-permanent community of 50ish oil gatherers.

⇗ ⇘

A fisherdwarf's shack. The fisherdwarf warns of thieving POORLY DISGUISED GNOMES, gruffly.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1710

Long forgotten and ransacked building. Most of the times it's empty, but at night some people have said to see humanoids in strange suits coming out of the water. This is the strange bulky creatures from the underwater ruins in the WHIRLPOOL.

⇗ ⇘

See: 1908

An ever spinning whirlpool, at the bottom is portal slowly draining the sea in an ancient high tech ruin that is mostly flooded. Strange bulky creatures are seen coming and going from the intact areas.

⇗ ⇘

A small glass dome contains a single ever productive acorn tree and a family of 6 sentient squirrels on the seafloor. They all have squirrel sized diving suits. The eldest son longs to see the world and find a wife.

⇗ ⇘

In this lonely part of the island random gravity wells occur, making a character accidently throw his things to the ground when he least expects it.

⇗ ⇘

The face of a gargantuan, metallic beast juts out of the water. Seemingly at random, it's mouth screeches with the sound of rusted metal as strange music plays from deep within its gullet. Some say untold treasures can be found within. Read More

⇗ ⇘

Large pleasure barge guarded by barnacle-encrusted clockwork construct demanding a ticket. Failure to comply results in more clockwork guards that will remove PCs by force. The ship is intact, filled with skeletons in fancy dress.

⇗ ⇘

A golden magical trident lies embedded in a Dunkalasaurus skeleton. Pulling it out will resurrect the immortal creature in d4 days, who will then chase hunt the trident-holder until sealed again via impalement with the trident.

⇗ ⇘

Enchanted iceberg ship has a crew of polar bear-folk whalers/merchants worried about a missing shore party. Their hold is full of pelts, meat, whale ivory, and small chunks of never-melt ice.

⇗ ⇘

Large rocks breach the surface of the water here, a danger to all ships.

⇗ ⇘

Shantytown made from dozens of ruined small boats. Full of grog and pirate stereotypes, but no women. Constantly under raid from Sharkmen, Lobster-people, Psi-Porpoises, etc.

⇗ ⇘

A sandbar is spouting out from the Ocean's surface. It appears that a large orange and white speckled mushroom is bobbing in the water.

⇗ ⇘

Locked chest in flotsam. Contains seemingly endless stacks of bizarre non-human on humanoid pornography, valuable only to lonely sailors. Staring or sorting the pictures for too long risks madness. 1/6 chance a picture is of a PC's mother.

⇗ ⇘

An old offshore mining platform, now inoperable. Functions as a trading post and inn, called The Salty Spitoon, for coastal merchants. All people and goods passing through are subject to taxation from the forces of MASKETTA Man.

⇙ ⇗ ⇘

Below the surface of the water, there is a chest containing 6 bottles. d6 of them are intact and contain a magic potion that permanently corrects any eyesight problems the drinker possesses. The remaining bottles have broken.

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  1. This is dope as shit! I really like the following hexes: 0217, 0320, 0516 sounds beautiful, 0619, I would love to see 0719 as a module maybe only sinking 1 level per hour instead of the entire thing, 0901, It took me till 1001 to realize that Belmont wasn't a reference to a town in Texas but instead to vampire hunting, 1319, 1702 sounds like a blast, 1818, 1917, 2013, 2017. The names are especially evocative!

    How did you do the formatting for this post? I would love to try to fill out a hex-crawl the same way!

    P.S. How big is the Masketta Man?

    1. Hey! Appreciate the interest. I myself only wrote a few of the hexes; it was largely a group project. All credits for the layout go to and you can find the various contributors at

      As for the Masketta Man, I hear he's a big guy.


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