Her Holiness - 1d50 Spells & 1d50 Liquids


While it slithered on the slimy grass, the mud fizzed up around it in fits of fermentation. The scum slug opened a too-wide maw and the cacophony was vomited out.

Three men with faces of stone leered at the thing whilst taken in its thrall. Farlflin, high priest of Her Holiness was first to break the silence.

"Devil, pit-beast, and vile creature that we have summoned, what say you for a name?"

The slug thrashed in its own slimy secretions, then turned an elongated neck so that its bulbous eyes could see the men. Two-score voices once more rode out on thundering hooves from that guttural mouth. 


Before the sentence trailed off into the dead of night, one of the clerics had stumbled four paces away. His stomach contents mingled with the marsh waters, becoming a stew of meat, potatoes, moss scum, and leeches. Farlflin's voice was weaker now.

"Grant us the forbidden knowledge that once dwelled in the river Acheron."

The slug's laughter urged another fit of retching from the collapsed cleric, his throat clogged with screams and stomach bile. 



1d10 Spellbook Variants

1d10 Summoning Spells
1d10 Destructive Spells
1d10 Utility Spells
1d10 Weather Spells
1d10 Devilish Spells

1d10 Venoms
1d10 Poisons
1d20 Drugs

1d10 Catalysts


It is said that the fraternal clerics of Her Holiness, Queen of All Weather, are among the finest scholars in the realm. Their library nestled in the Palace of Mist is known to hold ancient tomes of great value, though few know the number of books stored there. Those who profess to know the lengths these holy men go to in order to glean such works are equally far and few between. There is another arm of Her Holiness' church, however.

Every individual in Her order of paladins, the Sisters of Cleansing Wind, carry with them two things that might impart clues, however. Firstly, each holy warrior carries with her a spellbook, composed of blessed paper and filled with a few spells and prayers for the holy warriors. These are not unique to the paladin, though there are a great number of varieties. The spells that these books are said to contain are listed below.


1. Grimoire of the Chimes
Two Summoning Spells
One Weather Spell

2. The Little Orange Book
Three Destructive Spells

3. Book of the Rain
One Utility Spell
Two Weather Spells

4. Book of Six Hells
One Summoning Spell
One Destructive Spell
One Devilish Spell

5. Prayer Book of the Lost
Two Utility Spells
One Devilish Spell

6. Codex of Infinite Wisdom
Two Weather Spells
Two Devilish Spells

7. Black Grimoire
Two Destructive Spells
One Devilish Spell

8. Hallowed Works
One Utility Spell
One Weather Spell
One Devilish Spell

9. A Treatise on Works
Two Summoning Spells
One Utility Spell

10. Travelling Prayers
One Summoning Spell
One Utility Spell
One Weather Spell
One Devilish Spell


1. Beckon Scum Slug
Reagent: A sprig of rotten leaves. Calls forth a low-ranking devil with obscure knowledge that is easy to bargain with.

2. Call Celestial Servant
Reagent: Silver dust. A winged head with a child's likeness appears, giving guidance and cheer.

3. Summon Snakedog
Reagent: Raw meat. Draws out an elongated, limbless dog-creature with exceptional senses and unwavering loyalty.

4. Manifest Shadow Self
Reagent: Two sneezes. Animates the caster's shadow which behaves similarly to caster, with equivalent equipment. It cannot stray far without harming the caster.

5. Attract Cookpot Imp
Reagent: One tsp of salt. Brings out a small devil that lives to prepare meals. It will create a delicious meal with whatever ingredients are at hand, and leave behind a terrible mess.

6. Invite Speakerbug
Reagent: Handful of sawdust. Creates a burrowing beetle that crawls int the nearest available ear. Once settled, the beetle translates everything it hears into the caster's language.

7. Send for Spectral Bird
Reagent: Small animal bones. Calls down a bird that can carry up to 10lb to any location, regardless of distance. Flies without rest, returns if task is impossible.

8. Muster Mind Force
Reagent: A handwritten reminder. Manifests an invisible hand that can perform a single delicate or complicated task.

9. Rally Spiders
Reagent: A cobweb. Summons 4d6 child-sized spiders that attack a target with fangs and a weak poison.

10. Request Devilish Contact
Reagent: One silver piece. Opens a line of contact to a devil, who is willing to barter for items, power, and information.


1. Widen Crack
Exploits any pre-existing weakness in target, potentially ruining or destroying them.

2. Rot and Decay
Spreads mold and decay over a target. If it is living, creates toxic airborne spores.

3. Self Destruction
Detonate part of the caster to inflict massive damage on the target.

4. Unlucky Strike
Causes the environment to strike a target, whether by collapsing onto them or lashing out in some manner.

5. Reverberation
Imbues a weapon causing its next strike to inflict a localized sonic blast.

6. Tracer Shot
Fires a bolt of energy that slowly pursues the target, avoiding obstacles and evading attempts to dispel it.

7. Water to Acid
Reagent: Vessel of water. Turns water into deadly acid for one minute.

8. Black Serpent
Reagent: Scrap of snakeskin. Sends forth a serpent of dark energy to bite at a target, delivering necrotic venom.

9. Torchweapon
Reagent: Lit torch. Transforms a burning torch into a tangible, smokeless weapon that can cut flesh and cauterize the wounds instantly.

10. Returning Weapon
Reagent: A metal weapon. Enchant a weapon so that it returns to the owner's hand after being thrown. Lasts until the next sunrise.


1. Shrink / Enlarge Door
Causes a door to change in size, as long as the wall can support it.

2. Lighten Load
Makes a container and it's contents weigh half as much until next sunrise.

3. Locate Magical Herbs
Causes any magical plants within a mile radius to glow faintly.

4. Inflict Transparency
Target object is rendered faintly translucent, allowing sight through it.

5. Prevent Mortal Wound
If the target sustains a blow that would normally slay them, renders them unconscious but stable instead. Occurs only once, lasts until next sunrise.

6. Air Pocket
Creates a five foot radius pocket of air within a body of water.

7. Rend Time
Causes the caster to teleport to wherever they were standing an hour prior to casting.

8. Negate Oath
Breaks a magically sworn oath or pledge without suffering consequences.

9. Sweet Lure
Causes a foodstuff to emit a magically pleasant scent for an hour.

10. Shrivel
Drains a target of liquids, into a vessel if one is held by the caster.


1. Bring Rain
Causes rainfall until next sunrise.

2. Sky Omens
Requires: Cloudy sky. Causes the clouds to form images that give guidance, warn of threats or direct the caster.

3. Purifying Winds
Brings about a heavenly breeze that dispels curses and evil magics.

4. Lengthen Night
Prevents the next sunrise.

5. Everlasting Twilight
Prevents the next sunset.

6. Reverse Tide
Raise or lower the ocean's tide.

7. Intensify Heat / Cold
Causes the temperature to raise or drop dramatically.

8. Relax / Strain Weather
Causes any weather to ease in intensity, or exacerbate it.

9. Mists of Misdirection
Summons a magical fog that causes those caught in it, other than the caster, to wander aimlessly. Lasts until next sunrise.

10. Groundswell
Causes water to rise from the ground in a rain-less flood.


1. Devil's Laughter
Curse an object the caster can see to begin laughing.

2. Dark Mirror
Curse a mirror to always show warped reflections of those who look into it.

3. Thief Fire
Curse a light source to emit black flame, shedding light only the caster can see.

4. Dark Rose
Curse a flower to grow thorns. Those pricked lose some memories.

5. Wicked Baptism
Curse a body of water so that it removes all blessings and enchantments from people or objects placed within it.

6. Inflict Bliss
Curse a target to experience terrible lusts and physical pleasures until next sunrise.

7. Stagnant Air
Curse an area to give off an unpleasant odor. Clerics and Paladins belonging to a religion or order other than the caster's are poisoned upon breathing it in.

8. Cacophony of Sin
Curse a musical instrument to give off a melody that incites powerful emotions in the listeners.

9. Greedy Bargain
Curse up to one-hundred coins to appear more valuable than they truly are, altering their appearance and weight. Lasts until next sunrise.

10. Dark Guillotine
Inflict a death curse on the target. When they die, if this curse has not been broken, their soul and body are shifted to a hellish dimension.


Secondly, each paladin carries with her a gemstone vial. It is said that Her Holiness, upon the knighting of a new Sister, sends down from the heavens a shower of gemstones upon the Palace of Mist. Others dispute this and say that the gemstone vials have been passed down from paladin to paladin in a dark ritual. The truth is unlikely to be discovered by those outside of the order. What is known: at midnight, these magical vials transmute any water they contain into another substance. The vial contents are unique to each paladin, and it is said that those not enveloped in Her heavenly grace will suffer only disaster if they should attempt to use these blessed artifacts.


1. Ransomer's Serum
Inflicts paralysis without causing any lasting damage.

2. Searing Eyes
Induces retinal detachment in the victim, inflicting blindness over 1d4 days.

3. Drought of Midas
Causes flesh around the wound of a treated weapon to turn to solid gold.

4. Crucifixion Salve
Wounds inflicted with this venom will knit themselves back together grotesquely over 1d4 minutes.

5. Shouting Venom
The victim suffers extreme auditory hallucinations, essentially deafening them for 1d4 days.

6. Skeletal Rebellion
A venom that causes bizarre muscle spasms, and feels to the victim as if their body is moving on its own.

7. Liquid Optimism
A toxin that causes mindless happiness and disregard for danger.

8. Drowning Elixir
Causes the victim's lungs to feel as though they are drying out, and no amount of water will alleviate the sensation.

9. Bottled Leprosy
Causes a loss of physical sensation, intensifying over 1d4 days.

10. Healer's Bane
The victim's body rejects any and all healing potions or restorative elixirs.


1. Strangling Wine
Causes a treated liquid to turn solid once it has entered someone's throat.

2. Glutton's Bane
Treated food or drink expands 3d6 minutes after being consumed.

3. Liquid Starvation
Treated food or drink loses all nutritional value.

4. Tantalus' Drug
Treated food or drink loses all taste.

5. Devil's Contract
A long-lasting poison that causes children conceived while under the influence to be born with unholy powers.

6. Withering Serum
Atrophies the muscle and weakens the bones of those who consume it.

7. Smoothskin
Causes total, permanent hair loss within 1d6 days after consumption.

8. Glutton's Glory
After consumption, burns away at fat for 1d6 days. May be lethal to those without excessive amounts of stored body fat.

9. Insomniac's Cure
Incites magically deep sleep that lasts two hours but functions as if it were a full night's rest.

10. Giant's Tonic
Causes the victim to grow 1d4 feet in height, with corresponding muscle and weight growth to match.


1. Astral Wine
The imbiber falls into an unnatural slumber, and their soul is transported out of their body to move about freely for up to 1d4 hours.

2. Euphoria
Enhances all pleasure and pain for the next 4d6 hours.

3. Bloodboiler
Boils the blood in the veins, lasts for 2d6 hours. Wounds taken in this time cauterize themselves.

4. Serpent's Skin
Harmlessly saps the user of all warmth for 1d4 days, but amplifies the damage taken from fire.

5. Gilly Gilly
Transmutes the drinker's lungs into gills, allowing them to breathe only water for the next two hours.

6. Lotus Petal Extract
The imbiber becomes bedridden and feverish for 1d4 weeks. Afterwards, their life span is increased by the same number of years.

7. See-Through
The drinker's body becomes translucent for ten minutes, allowing light to pass through. Any damaged flesh that light passes through in this state is healed.

8. Angelic Grace
Causes functioning wings to sprout on the back of the user for 1d4 days. At the end of this period, they fall out painfully, leaving grievous wounds.

9. Viewfinder
Sprouts 1d4 pairs of eyes in various locations on the imbiber's body. They fall out after 2d6 hours, but continue to function for another 2d6 hours.

10. Confusion Drought
Causes the drinker to forget targeted memories. They materialize as crystalline tears. Consuming these tears imparts the memories.

11. Tormenting Syrup
Drinking this liquid causes the user to experience excruciating pain for 1d6 hours. During this time, their strength and endurance are amplified immensely.

12. Skinshape
The imbiber of this drink gains the ability to permanently alter one aspect of their physical form.

13. Bloodied
The drinker gains control over their blood, able to form it into any shape once it is outside of their body.

14. Serpent's Revenge
Turns the drinker's blood into deadly poison for 3d6 hours.

15. Detachment Serum
Allows the user to remove limbs and organs, which function on their own for 2d6 hours. They may be re-attached at any time.

16. Replication Drought
The drinker breaks out in a contagious rash. It sheds spores that grow into a barely-intelligent fungal clone of the drinker.

17. Redirection
The next magical spell that targets the drinker is redirected to a random nearby target.

18. Memorydrought
Mingling this drug with the ashes of the dead allows the imbiber to live through a treasured memory of the deceased.

19. Melt
Causes the drinker's body to dissolve into water, reshaping after one hour. If they mingle with another body of water, they may move up to five miles before they are forced to reshape.

20. Goldseeker
The imbiber feels a strong pull towards nearby treasure that is not in their possession and a release of pleasure upon taking it.


1. Gold and Silver
Enough liquid to transmute five coins per day.

2. Blood and Wine
Enough liquid to transmute one liter per day.

3. Iron and Lead
Enough liquid to transmute 5kg per day.

4. Rocks and Bread
Enough liquid to transmute 5kg per day.

5. Wood and Iron
Enough liquid to transmute 5kg per day.

6. Healing Potion to Antipoison
Enough liquid to transmute one vial per day.

7. Sulfur and Liquid Light
Enough liquid to transmute one vial per day.

8. Ash and Incense
Enough liquid to transmute 1kg per day.

9. Leather and Silk
Enough liquid to transmute 5kg per day.

10. Fish and Gemstones
Enough liquid to transmute 1kg per day.


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